Zara Australia Online Shop Support and Customer Service +61 3 8663 0400
Zara Home Australia Melbourne 03 9319 8000

If you need to call Zara to make a return, you can call the Zara Customer Service Number we share with you in here…

Zara offers in Australia a Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to ask for example about the Zara Size Chart, or to ask for a return of Cloth that didn’t fit and you may bought at Zara Online Shop.

Zara Australia Customer Service

+61 3 8663 0400

You can reach Zara Australia at this Number, to get to Customer Service and complaint about a bad atention at any Zara Store or if you may need to Track you Zara Order that has not arrived yet.

Zara Home Australia Online Shop Support

03 9319 8000

At the Zara Website you will find the whole Zara Catalogue and information about offers and How to change a Zara Product, Or how to proceed to Return Zara Clothing?

But if you need to talk to someone of Zara Team, you should consider calling the above shared Customer Service Phone Number.
After that, please leave a comment about how Zara Customer Service was able to answer your complaint.

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9 Thoughts to “Zara”

  1. Hello . I wish to receive the contact details of Zara head office as I have complain about quality of clothes I bought in Pull and bear israel
    Can u please send me their email address via email .

  2. +610410492666

    Hi I’m Hayat,
    I would like to sed my soap page link.
    I wonder if you like to sell my soaps in your Australia stores.

  3. Koustubh

    I have been a urdent fan of Zara for long time. Recently I have a very bad experience with the quality of product.

    Purchased a green skinny trouser around a year back from your Pitt street showroom in Sydney. The trouser is sparingly worn, and washed at max 1-2 times. Already the garment’s fabric ripped to open the fibres. I can send you the pic when I receive a reply from you.

    We stick to Zara for its brand value. I hope you will attend this complaint with care.

    Thank you.

  4. Hello! My husband has one of Zara autumn jackets, which protects him from rain and wind for a long time. Now I want to clean it but I can’t understand how to do it. Can you please help me. It is like a raincoat. Thank you.

  5. Vicki

    I went to the Perth city Australia Zara store , the line is like at the end of the store there is people cutting in line I told the sales person there is people cutting in line And she said she is not in that department , i was in line for 45mins , as a customer service weather you are at this department or not , I’m not asking for a products I’m asking her to fix a problems ,bad customer service

  6. Hi
    Can I pls get a contact number for customer service in Australia.

  7. jen

    Hello Zara Australia,

    Please get Zara online shop already. It’s not the 90’s. People buy online.



  8. Michelle Adler

    pls supply email address for customer service regarding a product.

  9. Helloi have a problem, i returned a dress on the 24/12 and I didnt get the money back yet, its weird because i always get the refund in my card between 2 bussiness days and nothing came trough yet , i hope to hear from u soon ,thank you

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