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After looking for hours and days for a Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number, we finally had to desist searching, and accept that possibly there is no Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number for Australia.

That is a very bad point, against Yahoo, if you look at the Competition, as Google (gmail) and Microsoft (Hotmail), both offer a Customer Service Phone Number for Support in Australia.

If you know about a Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number, please leave a comment and let us know, so we can add it and offer to all readers and users of CustomerService1800 the correct Number.

But anyway, we found another way to Contact Yahoo Customer Service and rach Yahoo Support… here is how…

As Yahoo does not provide any Customer Service Phone Number for Australia, we share with you the alternative way to reach Yahoo Support.
Any question you may have, for example regarding your Yahoo Account, or regarding any Yahoo Services, you can visit Yahoo directly at the Australia Yahoo Office.

Yahoo! 7 Pty Limited
PO Box R1469
NSW 1225 Australia

If you have simple questions, such as How to recover my Yahoo password?
Or how to LogIn to Yahoo?
Has your Yahoo Account been hacked? We recommend to visit Yahoo Homepage and look for an answer there.

Please let us know how your contact to Yahoo Customer Service went.
Or if you found another way to contact Yahoo Customer Service in Australia.

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14 Thoughts to “Yahoo!”

  1. Jessica

    if people need help with Yahoo services including mail they need to visit the Help Centre –


  2. Graeme BLAIKLOCK

    I need to speak to Support about endless trouble with Yahoo Mail
    I am not in the UK Ireland!
    I am in Australia
    Please phone me.

  3. How dare you not make a help line number available for Yahoo7 . Please can me on my mobile number you have on file to help me with a display problem in my inbox that make it so I cant access emails older than a few days. please help

  4. Vanaja

    After a spam email was sent out from my yahoo email account, i changed my password in the last to days. Now I am not receiving an emails in my inbox and it remains empty. Help.

    1. Trish

      Did you get this sorted? I have had the same problem and can’t get help from Yahoo7!!!

  5. uma singh

    i cant acessec my yahoo account

  6. 0430575786

    Hi I can’t send the e-mail’s

  7. kim Chang

    i need to recover my password

  8. Murdo Macdonald

    I cannot access my account again, works sometimes and not the next. Already asked for help, got none. Australia

  9. Umair0418555020

    Hi I m unable to access my yahoo mail password. I know one of the security question but forgot the other one…what to do???? Please help me. It’s urgent

  10. Laura Worley

    I am not receiving some emails. I have had two clients advise me they get a delivery failure error message when they email me and I don t receive the email. They have both tried replying to my emails and typing in my complete email address. I have previously successfully received messages from them both and can t understand what s changed. I can confirm they are not going into spam and are not being filtered or blocked.
    I run a small business and am likely to be missing out on work :0(

  11. Barry Carter

    attachments on my emails no longer download ! How much longer before you correct this problem ? Everything works OK on Gmail, but I’ve used Yahoo for about 29 years !

  12. denise howarth

    My email has been compromised somehow what do I do about this please

  13. Wes

    I finally got through to someone not in Australia. I was told that to fix my problem I would have to upgrade my account, cost? $99.99… Is Yahoo joking? I’m double checking to find out but will NOT be paying a hundred bucks for a simple personal email. Looks like they’ll be losing my business.

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