Tinder, is another App, we were really worried about the Customer Service, and wanted to share it with you.
Finally we found a way to Contact Tinder Customer Service.

In Australia, Tinder has currently no Customer Service Phone Number, published, to be able to Contact Tinder Customer Service, that is why you will have to Contact the Customer Service by email.

Tinder Contact


This is the only Tinder Contact information we found.
We are sure, that there would be no problem if you Contact Tinder Customer Service at this adress.

For example if you need help to Log In to Tinder, or if you need to Contact Tinder Customer Service for Support with your Tinder Account.
If you find another way to Contact Tinder Customer Service, please share it with us and the other readers, to be able to compile more and mores Customer Service Phone Numbers at this website.

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