Ticketmaster Australia Phone Number (Booking) 136100
Ticketmaster Australia Customer Service 136100

Ever made use of Ticketmaster Customer Service?
Share your Story with us, and tell us how effective Support was and if your problem got solved.

Most of the comments we received about Ticketmaster were not really positive, and a lot of people complaint about Booking system and the possibility to cancel a Ticket or Money returns, if an Event got cancelled.

What do you think about Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster has several locations in Australia and you can visit the Ticketmaster Office to do a ticket purchase for any event you might like to assist.
Also you can buy tickets online. And it is the Online Shop, where most people comlaint about.

You need help getting information about how to buy online at Ticketmaster, or you need to Call Customer Service to Change a Reservation or ask for Money Refund for a Ticket you allready bought?

You can call Ticketmaster at the following Phone Number.

Ticketmaster Australia Customer Service


To get more information about Ticketmaster Australia, you can visit the Ticketmaster Website and go to the Ticketmaster Login, or get information at Ticketmaster Online.

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Need to locate the nearest Ticketmaster Office in AUstralia? Visit the website and find information, or book tickets at Ticketmaster online.

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8 Thoughts to “Ticketmaster”

  1. Bill Donnelly

    Hi i have a ticketmaster giftcard which we have not used yet n it expires 13/02/15 can we please get this extended by 6 or 12 months please the number on the card is 076750102570006338720296123659 and its for $100 thanks

    1. mick mason

      i tried to get a ticket to fleetwood mac hope estate at 1200… at 1201 , 1 minute after the my ticketmaster pre sale they were gone i know there are a lot of people wanting them but that is ridiculous . All the expensive seats are still available . how many gen admission seats were there ? I only wanted 3 for my family not one hundred to resell . I do not understand why you would send out the pre sale email when claerly there was never a chance for a mere mortal to access a ticket and as for your cust contact facilities , well up to shit is polite . thanks for a really crappy experience.

  2. Joanne Woodberry

    I have Tickets for Lord of the Dance Hobart confirmation. My mother has had a fall today and wont be able to attend. Can tickets be refunded or transferred to gift cards?

  3. Kerrin van gemerden

    I have just booked tickets on line through you to the Melbourne show of Mrs Browns Boys on the night of the 27th January 2016 by mistake I actually wanted the night of the 28th January 2016. What are my options for changing the date ? I’m in New Zealand ?

  4. Victoria

    Why do you answer a call after 40 minutes, then forward me to another operator and after one hour twenty two minutes – yes 1 hour, 22 minutes, you cut my call, I am now waiting again, so far twenty minutes so that makes it coming up to two hours. Not good enough…

    1. Courtney mur

      We can not! Get through to the 136100 number! Tickets will not print ! What’s next step?

  5. Courtney mur

    We can not! Get through to the 136100 number! Tickets will not print ! What’s next step?

  6. Lorette Davis

    The 136100 phone seems to be not working

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