Subway Australia Customer Service 1800 630 355

Hmmm… yummy…!
That is what Subway hopes, you’ll say anytime you eat at Subways…
But is that so?

We heard a lot of stories and comments (see some below) where the clients were not satisfied at all, by the Customer Service or the employees, who gave atention to them at the Subway restaurant.

Here we share with you, the Subway Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to contact Subway and make your complaint.

Subway Australia Contact Phone Number

1800 630 355

Also you can contact Subway Australia Customer Service to get information about the latest Subway Australia Offers or the Subway Australia prices and to get information about the nearest Subway Restaurants and about the Subway Opening Times of each Subway Restaurant.

For any more information you may need about Subway, you can visit the Subway Australia Website.

Please leave your comment about how Subway Customer Service was or wasn’t able to help you and answered your complaint.

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14 Thoughts to “Subway”

  1. Joyce

    I sent a letter to Subway and asked for a receipt some time ago, this morning I received a reply.

  2. ian

    At my subway store in belridge shopping centre, located in Beldon Perth Western Australia, I as a customer was refused service when I asked for my toastee to be made on multigrain bread, which is the only type of bread I eat. The staff member said the manager of the store only allows them to be made on white bread. I as a consumer and a customer find this out of order. I also believe that refusal of my order is discrimination, and if this is not dealt with I may even look at legal action.

  3. Hailey

    I contacted customer service about an issue and it was quickly resolved. The staff is courteous and helpful. To Ian Dice, probably your experience had something to do with a Subway Franchise. No need to consider legal action for a ‘multigrain bread’. I’m sorry but it sounds funny – nothing wrong with eating ‘white bread’ once in a lifetime. You can contact customer service about this so next time you can have your multigrain bread. At the end of the day, just be positive. I love subway! 🙂 FYI, I’m not an employee but a regular customer of Subway. Lol.

  4. Mick A

    Hi Guys,

    please arrange for a temporary air conditioner to be installed at your Mary St (Brisbane CBD) store. Felt very sorry for your poor staff down there suffering in the heat.


  5. Karen

    Dear subway , you make sandwiches , you advertise that your a heathy alternative . Then why don’t you have gluten free bread . You should be ashamed .step up get with the times . Everyone health conscious these days. Can’t believe it .

    1. Phuckyou

      Lmao ur what’s wrong with this world!

  6. 0469352008

    Hi there how are you? I went to wentwortville Subway today at 8:43pm and i have ordered 2 footlong along with the voucher which is buy one footlong and get another free. But at wentwortville Subway i have word with Chintan who has beard he declined to accept that voucher and mention that i have to speak with my manager than after i can reply back to you. So i dont know at closing time only 2 person was working and he still need to ask to his manager at closing time such a stupid excuse. I am going to attached the receipt and voucher and please let me know where should i used your subway voucher if you send it to mailbox. If i have to argue with staff everytime than its no point to share your voucher for marketing.

  7. Albert

    I was in the Subway shop in Frankston , Victoria, I bought a 6 inch roast beef roll then asked for refilling Hot water to my tea bottle ( tea leaves in the bottle), the girl said yes and just filled up the bottle with tap water!
    I am wondering how come a costumer service people working without a common sense to make a tea with tap water??

  8. Roger Wilson

    just after you head office in Australia location


  9. dhairya

    my concern is regarding the subway in university of Western Sydney.
    first issue is the subs which they make are always gross as they don’t care because they know university students have no other option for food nearby. secondly last week on Thursday 20 October around 4:15pm there were only two staff working out of which one was trainee and she didn’t knew how to work and it was really busy and the other staff member was managing it really well all above that the sub which i got was broken from both sides and i couldn’t eat it and i had to chuck it away. They are always out of staff and that subway below its standards because of inefficient staff so please get this issue fixed.

  10. Megan

    I am a member of Eat Fresh club and receive your offer emails.
    These usually include an offer for a $1 regular coffee however for the last 5 months or so this coffee offer doesn’t appear when I log in to the site to activate! Very annoying because I did really like the mochas! This offer seems to actually no longer be available for my membership?? Why put it in the email and tease me?! Otherwise please sort out the site/membership so that all current offers are available to members as advertised!

  11. E.jorge

    Not happy with subway. After spend 24dolares in food want charge me 5 dollars for 2paper cups

  12. rhonda southall

    I went to subway at Grand plaza today with my son and the manager which is name was alan very rude. He did not talk nicely to us and he should not be dealing with customers

  13. Kubilay

    I bought a subway sandwich from Hallam store and definitely its last time.One sandwich use to be enough for me but not anymore.Because subway sandwich sizes getting smaller and smaller.Subway sandwich I bought today was 27.6 cm length of 2 permanent marker.So where this going to end.Maybe in the future sandwiches going to be 5 cm?Price up but sandwiches getting smaller and smaller.

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