Samsung Australia Customer Support 1300 362 603
Samsung Australia Customer Support for TV 1300 362 603

Samsung is for sure one of the biggest electronic and electric device manufacturer of the world, and it has devided its Customer Service for Australia in two parts.
One only for TV Support and the other one for all other devices.

If you may need help to configure your Samsung TV, you can call the Samsung Customer Support and talk to a representative immediatly, to solve your problem.

1300 362 603

For all other Devices you should consider calling the next Customer Service Phone Number, where Samsung provides Customer Service at any time. For example you will be able to get SmartPhone Support or information about Warranty of your Samsung Device.

Samsung Australia Customer Support

1300 362 603

To obtain Samsung Technical Support, you can call the same just listed Samsung Phone Number, or visit the website of Samsung Australia.

Do you know where Samsung Australia headquaters are?
Here is the adress, if you may need to contact Samsung, for example for big company Orders, or to be able to sell Samsung Devices in your Store.

Samsung Head Office
Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Limited
8 Parkview Drive, Homebush Bay
NSW 2127 Australia

Samsung Australia Head Office Phone Number

(02) 9763 9700

After getting an answer to your Complaint, or solving your problem with Samsung Customer Service, please leave a comment and help us to compile information abouy Customer Service ratings in Australia.

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16 Thoughts to “Samsung”

  1. john

    Dear Officer
    I am looking for smart tv remote control the original one..
    Please advise where I can get it from.

  2. John

    Hi Samsung people. How to contact Samsung on email or lodge a complaint? Can you advise?

  3. clarinda

    Hi i just waited 17 + minutes for Samsung Customer Service to answer the phone

    Very disappointing

  4. Andrea Foran

    Hi, I contacted Samsung in June to ask about a repair person to assess my smart TV, they emailed me a repair form to give to technician on the 3/7/15. Rang them again on the 8/7/15, they were going to contact the technicians……called again today 16/7/15, was on hold for awhile,then hung up on, called back, was put through to service centre person, now the timing is all wrong for picking up TV, If they had contacted me in a timely manner there would be no issue.
    very disappointed with the customer care!!!!!

  5. Max

    worst experience of my life. Because Samsung have decided to stop making my model of TV which has broken twice they are offering me a smaller sized refurbished model. 6 weeks with no TV and no call backs I’ve had to call your incompetent call centre every couple of days just for an update and have requested case manager to contact me back but got no such callback.
    I will be updating with another brand from now on and I will be telling everyone of my experience with Samsung.

  6. Leslie

    Samsung Australia Customer Support are totally useless and unhelpful! Disgusting customer service and follow up!

  7. Helen Pearce

    Have been phoning customer support what a joke that is. Have been waiting 3 weeks to have my washing machine fixed which was only purchased in October last year. Found out today after numerous phone calls to Samsung and to Complete Appliance Repairs that the pressure valve was only ordered today 12 th Nov. Cant tell me when part will make it to Australia could be another 3 weeks. Totally discussed in Customer Non Service. Will not ever buy another Samsung product.!

  8. Matthew

    I have a washing machine I bought from Samsung that is the model that catches on fire. I have request pick up and money refund on 4/10/2015. I have rang your phillipines phone service case officers 15 to 17 times, still have the washing machine and no refund and no help. first you sell a machine that catches on fire and now you are cant even organise a pick up and money refund. 42 days waiting, you say 21 days that’s double the time, i want double the money.

  9. Jasmine

    I will never buy Samsung again! The worst experience of my life!!!! A year ago we moved into a new house and bought all Samsung appliances- fridge, 2x TV, 2x entertainment packages, washer and drier. Our 65″ curve TV lost picture within the first 2 months and had to be replaced. I was promised a Teq would come and set it up as I just had a baby and already paid a external Teq tio set it up when we bought it. The replacement TV arrived but no one was arranged to set it all up! Next our washing machine died and showed an error after 3.5 months. It was fixed with a new chip but is doing the same thing after 4 months…. I want a refund ba use I can see this being an ongoing issue. Because of the Samsung process Iv been with out a washing machine for 2.5 weeks with a full household and a 8 month old baby. I call everyday but am dogged with the excuse that I have to wait for the SamsungIv process. I can’t even buy a new waking machine cause they are not telling me if I can even get a refund…. Buyer beware!

  10. Ray

    Samsung are the worst company I have ever dealt with. They have no idea on how to treat people who spend their money on a really bad product. They are full of empty promises. We purchased a fridge that has had to be repaired 3 times in the last 2 and a bit years. Would never ever buy a Samsung rubbish product again. Hours on the phone with no help. Just lies. They record all conversations, I told them to go back and check the conversation when they promised me a new fridge, but they told me they have no recordings. Please reconsider when buying Samsung products. You will regret it.

  11. Miki

    Samsung has the worst customer service in the world, I’ve been waiting 8 months over 20 contacts I have 16 pages of communications full of lies and no usefull help.. I’m taking it to the ombudsman now!
    Never buy Samsung!

  12. Miranda

    Also have been waiting 2 weeks for a working washing machine. I’ve had technicians booked to come and they don’t turn up. Then when the technician finially turns up he replaces parts that don’t need replacing and he doesn’t even listen to what the problem is. Leaves and I turn washing machine on and it’s not working again. I call back the service department to be told that technician will come straight back. I waited at home all day and he never came back. What a waste of a day. I am so unhappy and disappointed. I want a refund Samsung .

  13. t

    I am finding that the Samsung after sales service team for repairs to a refrigerator under warranty is not giving me any service.

  14. Glenn Carpenter

    Very disappointed that Samsung are not an international company, if you require repair on a Tablet purchased in another country then Samsung Australia will not even look at. Small minded thinking by an international company

  15. Keith Schadel

    Customer reference number 8214520054
    My telephone is required 24/7 for medical emergency contact.
    Please refer to my complaint and your response, nl cannot afford to be without phone and have no other computerbor phone,nl am unable to travel to your service centre.
    The phone is getting progressively jotter with more frequent shut downs.

    I have nowvno other option than to refer the product to the ACCC as an unfit for purpose product
    Keith Schadel

  16. jim

    Samsung has the worst in customer service in the world, I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for someone to tell me when they will send me out the correct S3 gear band.Their staff are very stupid they asking the same questions but have no answer. I will never ever buy SAMSUNG again. Samsung get your act together.Customer service is number one priority.

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