Are you a Qantas frequent flyer?
Or did you only fly with Qantas once?

As usual, we share with you the Customer Service Phone Numbers of different companies, to be able to contact Customer Service.
Today we want to show you the Qantas Phone Number, for Australia, and its important for us, to hear your story about your experience with Qantas Customer Service.

In Australia, you can reach Qantas Customer Service, for example to get information about the Qantas Qantas Baggage Fees and Luggage Allowence, for your destination, at the following Qantas Customer Service Phone Number.

Qantas Customer Service Phone Number:

13 13 13

There are lots of information, which Qantas will send you with the Ticket or Reservation Confirmation by email, or you can also access the Qantas Australia Website, to explore details about your flight.

If you need to book a flight with Qantas, or make a new reservation, you can call the same Customer Service Phone Number, as listed above and for example get help, doing yuor online check in for the next flight.

Please let us know, if Qantas Customer Service was able to solve your problem or answer your complaint at the Phone Number hhere listed, to let other readers know how good Qantas Customer Support works.

For simple information, such as Qantas Flight Status or to be able to find the Qantas Arrival and Departure Times, you can simply visit the above detailed Website and look into the Qantas Timetable.

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61 Thoughts to “Qantas”

  1. Kiran

    Question about kids baby chair & portacot allowed to be checked in for domestic flights?

  2. Penny Ravet

    Just a thank you for renewing my gold card even though I had reached the
    required status points,much appreciated.

    Penny Ravet

  3. martin barber

    Just thought Qantas customer service department is awesome Qantas team is so helpful and friendly nothing seems to phase them and in a panic (this side) they are the best. Well done the Qantas Team.
    Best Regards Martin Barber

  4. Kevin

    When will Qantas answer the phone
    44 minutes in the Q ?
    Hardly acceptable Qantas customer service

    1. Rozlyn

      I’ve been waiting nearly 2 hours!!

      1. Rose

        You’re lucky – I was 2 hours!!!!!

      2. being ringing and ringing the131313 number no body home what am i supposed to do when my sons have a connecting flight in syd that they might miss how do iinform anyone?

  5. kirsty

    waiting on our $30 voucher to be resent for hotel still……. meant to be emailed 2 days ago???…

  6. rhonda

    Now that Qantas has busted its guts for the share holders bust ya guts on a better phone service for the general public.

  7. Jenni

    Have now been on the phone on hold for nearly forty minutes, how disappointing, it just makes me so upset that Qantas don’t have the decency to provide a good customer service experience over the phone. I am just going to give up and hang up the phone.

  8. Barbara

    Have been waiting on the phone for an hour…still waiting



    1. David Clarke

      Same story here Penny – have tried Qantas 13 13 13 twice in the last couple of weeks and no luck after long periods waiting on the phone.

      So much for the improved customer service.

    2. Lindi

      YUP!!! I agree it is disgusting! I have been trying to speak to someone to make an enquiry for 5 days!!!! The automated call back service is useless and does not work! No customer service here!!!

  10. Peter thompson

    Why do Qantas have a phone number if customers can never get through.
    Does Mr Joyce use the 1300 number?. Apparently he doesn’t’t

  11. Annie

    I know, waited for over half an hour this afternoon and then I had to go, now tonight when the automated voice message said waiting time 10 minutes, so far it’s been half an hour. This actually makes me want to fly with someone else. What’s up with their customer service these days?

  12. dear qatas team
    we need assistance..

  13. sarabjit

    my son passport is expired on may 2016 and we are going to india in dec is their any issue while travelling or we can reneiw passport in india , we dont have enough time to reneiw in australia . Pls reply

  14. People below are right
    Endless pre recorded messages about how good Qantas is, interspersed with messages urging people to organise a call back.
    Good customer service?
    I think not

  15. Paulina

    I tried to book an international flight on the Qantas website today, it failed 5 times with a ‘generic error’ error message as the result. I then rang the Qantas 13 13 13 number and waited on hold for 1 hour and 43 minutes then hung up in exasperation. But I have a solution to this appalling customer service……..Singapore Airlines.

  16. jorge gonez

    2 hour wait time on the 131313 customer service number!!!!
    And have not been able to resolve my problem for 3 days, great Qantas!!!

    1. Leo perz

      Have you tried calling 131131. Gets through bit quicker (Not a long as 131313 )

  17. Neville

    Trying to contact Qantas customer services is like trying to order a cold beer in Zimbabwe. Just wont happen today or tomorrow but maybe next day. Cheers.

  18. David

    Wait time on the phone greater than1 hour! Not good enough by far.

  19. Daniela

    I have been on the phone (131313) for 2 hours and 12 min now. When I called, they advice the waiting period was between 55 min and 1 hour. It is the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!!!!!!


  20. T. Monahan

    Do you please have any plastic advertising stickers?
    Got a tiny tear on my fav travel bag & would like a sticker to cover it up.

  21. Dale rogers

    Became ill on QF703, Saturday, April 30. Cairns to Melbourne…arrival 4.35 pm. Had already asked for people mover as walking problems….attendant was BRILLIANT….very caring…into chair at lift, outside into fresh air. ? Returned to help carer with luggage and walk frame….helped us over to pick up point.
    To my shame, didn’t read name tag… important to travelling public as cabin crew and pilots etc…..very impressed…
    Please find attendant and pass on thank you.

  22. Dennis

    Far out. I have been waiting now for two hours at their 131313 customer service. WTF their customer service.

  23. Pascal elonga

    You must respect your customers and must arrange your phone service as a great company and am very disappointed to wait for 3hours and no one answer phone you must remove 131313 as an urgent contact doesn’t help your values customers facing booking problem please

  24. Susan

    Unbelievably bad customer service. Cannot get through on the phone no. matter how long you wait. The website is not comprehensive enough to answer all the questions. Makes me not want to fly with Qantas

  25. Monica McKenzie

    I thought by travelling on Qantas will help them since I am an Australian Citizen. I have my second thoughts for the future. I get no service on 131313 and the waiting hours is more than 1 hour of waiting time. Where is your service? Are we not important enough to make Qantas survive the downtime. I will never introduce any of my friends to travel on Qantas anymore! Qantas does not deserve my sympathy if they ever go down in receiverships. They deserve it with this kind of service. It is so digesting to see this kind of services. The worst Airline I ever come across.

  26. Ann Burne

    Been on phone 3 times each time cut off after waiting more than 10 mi Utes each time
    Not very good customer service

  27. Sandra dice

    You are right about the appalling 131313 service. Trying to change flight time and web page seems stuck in a loop so no option other than to call. So far 1hr 20 mins and that’s after waiting 1hr for a call back that never eventuated.

  28. Janusz

    I changed my frequent flyer flight through 131313 contact number, received booking confirmation, but no ticket. Two days later booking was cancelled by Qantas. Called again 131313 number while overseas. I was told it was “IT system fault”. Booking was re-instated but still don’t have ticket after 2 hours (I was promised it will arrive by email in 30 minutes). Now 131313 number is dead, unable to contact Qantas. My flight is in 48 hours!
    Maybe it is time to change FF program to more reliable airline?

  29. LINDA

    Trying from overseas to call Qantas Customer (don’t) care but can’t get through. I have emailed their customer care but they take a month to respond. This has been ongoing for 2 months now. If I respond they take a further month to reply, which is why I tried to call them. After dreadful inflight service they offered me lounge access vouchers, when I travel business class anyway! Is this a fob off or are they just insulting me?! They act like a low cost carrier and I am so unimpressed, I don’t think I will ever use them again. They will have to do some serious service delivery to win me back.

  30. Jools

    I’ve been on hold on the 131313 ‘customer service’ number for an eon now! Disgusting cost cutting. So bloody frustrating!

  31. Aide

    All this son of a bitch Allan Joyce cares is his gay lifestyle and what’s in it for him. If it was about his peers in a rut he would have intervened. Not that it matters here but it indicates the zeitgeist mentality that’s all about me, me, me….

  32. david bonello

    what customer service what a joke wait 4 hours 4 return phone call and still waiting

  33. david bonello

    fun try and book flights you get on st8 a way but as soon as you whan’t a responds for them take all day 5 hours and still wailing

  34. Been waiting over an hour on the phone…. It’s now 1am.
    Qantas Customer service is disgusting

  35. Quantas !! More than one hour to answer my call and you want me to buy your insurance policy ? how many month will the service take to help or return my claim IF I am unlucky enough to have a Policy with you !.. Will make my friends aware of your rubbish service..

  36. not happy

    tried calling customer service for a query, recorded messages and options only goes in circles – appalling customer service help line.

  37. Dave

    Waited 38 minutes to be given a totally unhelpful answer to my question.

  38. John Gladysz

    I am from Texas and need to confirm my seat for the return (I paid $30 and need to optimize due to a medical condition for the return). I get an error message when I try to take care of this on line (I’ve tried twice, 6 hours apart to allow any web problem to resolve itself). I have dialed the 24 hour service number 13 13 13 from Melbroune and 30 minutes later I am still getting a recording about a service agent coming on line any minutes. This is ridiculous and very depressing. It does not make a good impression, or make me want to fly Qantas in the future.

  39. Ji

    I just want to change my flight 50 minutes in……. it’s like Centrelink on dole day!
    Shocking service

  40. Rajagopal NARAYANAN

    I have been trying to help my nephew who has a confirmed booking on UL3377 departing Melbourne on 31st Jul 2016 to do an online Check-in at 1220 hours on 30th Jul 2016. The Qantas online system for want of a better word is USELESS. Mr. Joyce how do you justify your salary when the online system is USELESS and at anytime I ring 13 13 13 the message I get is call wait time is more than an hour.

    Please tell me at what period of the day the call wait time is less than 10 minutes. I am ashamed to tell my visitors that they shouldn’t fly on QANTAS
    ever in the future.

  41. And I fully agree with the previous writer, the phone system is non-existent, hence useless.

  42. Robert Harris

    Three hours wait (and then no reply) is probably unreasonable when calling from overseas.!!!

  43. Jane

    Got disconnected from the 131313 number after waiting for 1hour and 10 minutes.
    Calling again and have now been on hold for 1 1/2 hours.
    This is just not good enough QANTAS.
    Just terrible!!

  44. Rosy

    If Qantas phone service does not improve I am changing my preferred airline. Always been a strong supporter but I have wasted multiple hours trying to fix a problem I didn’t even create.


  45. Marlene Gately

    I have sent a previous message regarding the disgusting food served on our Qantas flight.

    I presume clicking on the word Kommentieren – this is the word for send. I have not received any feed back so I will click on this strange word again in hope that you will receive this message.

    Thank you.

  46. Tamara

    I called the 13 13 13 number and was on hold for approx 30mins before I Was cut off… straight from hold to hung up on. I then called back and have been on the phone now for 1hour and 3mins!!! What is going on??? NOT ACCEPTABLE!! Please answer the phone QANTAS.

  47. John Lenehan

    Qantas, you have the worst Web page I have ever had to navigate you need to redesign it, because it was not designed for customers. ie if you want to find out how many points are needed to hire a car it does not tell you it just says you don’t have enough points?

  48. Shohreh

    You have the worst service on your site. there is no live chat or not easy to access and people have to be on the phone for an hour or more for an easy question. even Tiger is better than you I hate this. I kick myself to buy ticket from you.

  49. r leeman

    have now been on hold for 2 hrs 20 mins is this some third world dodgy airline

  50. Ben

    Qantas your service number 131313 is rubbish I have waited 47mins then got cut off

  51. What customer service ???? What a about a call back service want to leave me holding for 1hr a joke

  52. Jenn

    Hello, my luggage was lost soon three days ago, I still have no news and nobody answers to the telephone. In two days I will move of city, and I have any possibility to join them.
    Maybe someone can help me?
    Thank you in advance, kind regards,

  53. Have now been on the phone on hold for nearly one hour, how disappointing, it just makes me so upset that Qantas don’t have the decency to provide a good customer service experience over the phone. I am just going to give up and hang up the phone.

  54. renald

    Qantas seem to not want to talk to customers. Have had no joy in simply getting an answer to ‘ can I take my skis’ on the flight?

  55. Heidi

    Spent approximately 5 hours ringing Qantas to re schedule a flight for family members who where delayed in Dubai. After finally getting through, talking and explaining our situation to 3 different customer agents, we finally managed to get a flight change. It cost $500 for a less than 1 hour flight and to add to this we also had an unexplained $260 taken out of our account at the same time! Here we go again trying to get through to shitey customer care to correct this inexcusable stuff up! From now on we will fly any other airline rather than this joke of a company

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