Paypal is not working? Can’t do payments?
Can’t Access Account?

Therefore Paypal Australia provides a Customer Service Phone Number, which you can reach at the following Customer Service Phone Number.
Paypal Support is available 24hs a day for Asutralian Clients and if you are having any trouble getting int your account you can Contact Customer Service.

Paypal Support:

1800 073 263

PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

Any question yoy may have to PayPal, you can contact the Paypal Customer Service and Paypal Customer Support, to get answers to any question.

Please let us know how Paypal Customer Service solved your problem, or answered to your complaint, as we would like to share your experience with all other readers and users of CustomerService1800 Australia.

Most Actions can be done on Paypal Website by your own, to find help and Support, but if you need special Assistance, for example to restore paypal password or anything else, you can call PayPal Customer Service.

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15 Thoughts to “PAYPAL”

  1. Have windows 8.1 operating system -( recently upgfraded from windows 8.0)
    Having troubvle l;oggin onto the PayPal website.
    Am running Windows Defender as antivirus/spam software.

    Have checked windows Firewall – to ensure settings are right ( even turned off thge fiorewwall) but no success.
    Any assistance would be appreciated



  2. Robert timmins

    Sent message to paypal regarding a note from paypal that someone in Austin Texas is trying to access my account. My Norton has blocked this saying it should not be opened. Not happy, no reply from Paypal.

  3. Sybil Lockhart

    I have been trying to open a Paypal account but the computer keeps querying my DOB which is 4.11.27. Am I too old to open an account?

  4. MyrtleJones

    Hi, plz help.. Paid EBay $124.95 on 13/06/2015… Which they have NOT delivered (del 17/06/2015 ) numerous contacts with Ebay, not getting anywhere. Please try and help me recover the money.

  5. Thelma

    Want to. “Dispute a transaction
    Cannot find a login link to PayPal

    Or how to lodge a dispute

  6. Sten

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am unable to log into my paypal account because I have forgotten my password, and when I go to reset it I am asked to supply 2 security question answers, but do not get asked a question for the second one.

    If I try to open another account I am blocked because my details match my existing account.

    Please advise what can be done.

  7. Peter Bready

    Does anyone know how to actually contact PayPal AND GET THEIR ATTENTION? I am totally disgusted that every purchse grinds to a stop because the connection to PayPal does not work. Even their link called “Contact Us” gets the message “Cannot Connect”. Can the Consumer Laws charge PayPal with misleading and dishonest conduct?? Gggrrr

  8. Piroska Tamer

    how can I change the credit card No on my paypal accont

  9. Christine Christensen

    I need to get in touch with
    ayPal as my email and credit card has changed

  10. LEO

    I received an email from Paypal ( requesting info in relation to an investigation of a payment reversal CaseID #PP-003-498-237-832
    I have deleted the email as I am sure it is a spam email

  11. kevin smith

    i have a paypal account, cant remember my password and the phone no you have is incorrect, so how do i change my password?

  12. Russell Hale

    Discussed with my telephone number and your detailed request.
    Recently I received a request to update your files and gave my information. Eg. Mothers Maiden name etc. That night someone used the bank details and purchased on line some articles. The bank picked up that I am not a regular at purchases on line. Lucky for me? Blocked bank account.
    I am still receiving Emails from you requesting an update of my personal details? Is this more Fraud and is someone using your name in a fraud way.

  13. Marina fadich

    I can’t log into my PayPal account and I’ve changed my password repeatedly but still cannot log in. The 2 phone numbers don’t work. What can I do?

  14. Robert Carpenter

    I have a PayPal account, but cannot remember my password. As I live in a remote outback area, I cannot receive an email with a security code as mobile phones do not work in this area. How can I get a new password so that I can access my account record, as I think bogus charges have been made on my account.

  15. karen

    Absolutely discuss ted with Paypal…we set up a paypal account for our business. The funds were paid , have receipt yet paypal have held the funds since 22/12/16 these funds were for services done not for an ebay or product selling.

    Ive tried to contact paypal on average 8 times per day…all i get told …we have to wait as our client may try to return the goods!! What Goods we run a service????
    Will never recommend nor use again these funds of over $5k are sat in paypals lap earning interest whilst we go broke!

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