Panasonic is one of the Leading TV and Appliance manufacturer and designer.
We are not sure about how good the Customer Service works in Australia, and if the Support is immediate.

Leave us your comment and help us to get this Website inform other readers, about Customer Service Phone Numbers.

We found the following Customer Service Phone Numbers, to contact Panasonic Australia and get Support, supposedly.

Panasonic Australia Customer Support Phone Number
132 600

Have you ever needed to call Panasonic Customer Service?
What do you think about it, and how would you rate Panasonic Support?

We know and wnat to share with you these Panasonic Customer Service Phone Numbers, where you can reach Customer Support and ask for example for Panasonic Manuals, or any Driver you may need for your Panasonic Device.

Panasonic Australia Customer Support

132 600

Panasonic will also be able to provide you with Panasonic Technical Support, or Panasonic updates if you Panasonic TV stopped working or is not getting configured correctly.

To get any information, you may need, you can visit the website of Panasonic Australia, and get information about the Panasonic Warranty.

Panasonic Australia Head Office Adress

Panasonic Australia
Panasonic Australia Pty. Limited,
1 Innovation Road,
Macquarie Park,
NSW 2113.

Any other information you need, we recommend to call the Panasonic Phone Number detailed above, where you can also recieve Panasonic Technical Support.

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4 Thoughts to “Panasonic”

  1. Fred Low

    Having phoned 132600 and being cut off when I dialled in appropriate re-direction number and also prior to that sent three emails without any acknowledgement after almost 24 hours, not sure that customer support means support in Panasonic?

  2. celia leung

    also rang 132600 a couple of times. could never get through with line disconnected. not sure if there is really support from panasonic in australia.

  3. Graham

    Service was very good. Checked information to be sure it was correct.
    Polite and I didn’t wait very long.
    Thank You.

  4. Trevor O'Brien

    I live in Adelaide and need to purchase a remote control for my panasonic recorder dmr-xw380. Could you please advise me where I can purchase one locally.

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