Optus Customer Service 133 937

Optus, is one of the most used Mobile Phone and Mobile Network Companies in Australia.
For Customer Service Contact, you can call the here listed Optus Phone Number and reach Customer Support for example for complaints regarding the Optus Billing.

Also Optus Support will be able to give you advice with Optus Technical Support and Optus Broadband Service.

Please let us know, how Optus Customer Service solved your problem or issue and how you would rate the Optus Cuustomer Service.
Did you have to call several times?

Optus provides, besides other numbers, the here listed Optus Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to contact Optus Australia.

Optus Support

133 937

If you need Support and advice with a Optus Bill, or Optus Technical Support, you can reach Customer Service at the same, just listed Phone Number.

Further information you may need about the Optus Services, such as Optus Sport, or Optus Phone, you can visit the Optus Website.

May you will need to perform a Optus Connection Test, to confirm the Optus Connection Speed at your Optus Connection, you can do this on the Optus Website, or the OOptus Customer Service Team will indicate you how to proceed.

Please share with us and all other readers, your experience of Optus Customer Service Contact.

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13 Thoughts to “Optus”

  1. Ian ferris

    In Malaysia, can’t recharge my iPad, tried to look on website, taken me hours and got no where. It’s frustrating that the website can’t give me any help. I haven’t got the number required to re charge on the actual screen

  2. Hi I’m a Custemer overseas in Barcelona with no phone connection.
    Could you email me information to help please?
    I don’t want to get home in 2 weeks time to a huge phone bill.
    Rhonda Hibbard

  3. Paul Reidy

    trying to cancel my Optus internet service which i arent using because i now live overseas i am still paying for it i cant get hold of anyone to talk to about cancelling it GETTING RATHER FRUSTRATED AS I WAS A CUSTOMER WITH OPTUS FOR 17 YEARS BEFORE I LEFT AUSTRALIA AND WILL RETURN IN A COUPLE OF YEARS FURTHERMORE MYSELF AND MY WIFE HAD SIX CONNECTIONS WITH OPTUS

  4. Susan

    I want to report my Optus home phone line not working. had a technician on 11/06 to fix it the first time
    just tried to phone Optus to report and send another technician, hold time over 30mins – I only have a prepaid optus mobile, callback not offerred like last time

  5. Martine Guest

    I am desperately trying to get hold of the customer service of OPTUS and I have now been waiting 15 minutes on the phone to discuss an error on my bill and NO ONE is answering. Why are you asking people to call 133937 if you have no one to answer and no function to speak to a customer service operator??

    1. trong hoang

      i called customer service 133937 for my home phone line 97094665 not working , no one answer

    2. Ramaswamy

      land line is not working.
      has the dial tone but cannot call anyone or receive calls

  6. George Ho

    I have make a report to optus about my home phone line 94556707 is out of order for more than 1 month.Your work ref. no is 15092545

  7. George Ho

    Your optus staff katherine text me on 18 April 16 that someone will contact me soon to discuss the fault in details,and till now no news.i think optus should wave my telephone line charges till you fix up the line.

  8. AGM

    Our home phone (land line) has not been functional for over 24 hours. Our internet is taking over an hour to down load. I have phoned the 133937 number (using mobile phone), and do exactly as I am told, and go around and around in circles, pressing the correct numbers as required, which do not seem to be registering with the automatic computer at Optus’ end. Why, oh why can’t I speak to an Australian voice (not racist, just easier to understand)? Why oh why can’t I have the numbers I press recognised, instead of going round and round? Why oh why do I have to pay for a call to Optus because I have a problem with Optus? I am expecting calls for work, it is vital that the land line is working. Please help.

  9. Gina

    I am trying to report my Optus home phone not working. Spoke to a technician a few minutes ago and he said it was fixed but now find it was not. Still have crackling noise and unable to phone out.

  10. our landline is not working, when we reported this on another phone, a message came up to say that this fault has been reported. Is this right.

  11. Spoke to your operator last evening., regarding our landline phone, which has not worked for 2 days now. We received a text telling us that our phone is now working, which isn’t the case, because the phone is not working. The operator told us that he would call us back but he did not; if he had called back rather than texting we would have been able to check the land line on the spot.

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