Netflix Australia Phone Number 1800 071 578
Netflix Customer Service 1800 071 578

Are you a Netflix User and can’t access your Account?
Can’t Install Netflix App on your Smartphone?

I use Netflix almost every day and have never had any trouble, neither I had to call the Netflix Customer Service ever, so I can’t really tell you about my Netflix Support Experience. If you call Netflix on the Phone Number, we share with you in this post, please let us kno how it went.

For Australia Clients, Netflix published the following Customer Service Phone Number, for example to get Support while configurating Netflix, or to get help if you are not able to access Netflix Account.

Netflix Australia Phone Number

1800 071 578

There are lots of issues you can solve, by contacting Netflix through th Netflix Website, but for example if you want to complaint about a Series or a Movie that you can’t watch, you can call the Customer Service.

Or for example if you are having trouble with the Netflix Billing Cycle, or want to cancel Netflix Subscription, you can contact Netflix Csutomer Service to get more information, on how to proceed.

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27 Thoughts to “Netflix”

  1. Brad Durrant

    Hi, Absolutely appalled that my proxy is blocked. The service you guys offer in Australia as standard is dismal at best, i payed for your service so i didn’t have to torrent anything to get content. You have lost a customer.

    1. I would like to know if I be able to use my paid subscription with you for the
      American Netflix? If I can, I would like to subscribe for that service too.

  2. Annalisa Livermore

    Hi i have 1 month free with netflix so why have you blocked me from using it , i suplied you with personal creid card details i do not wish to continue our subscription.

  3. Jade

    This is ridiculous… I’m paying for Netflix but the app won’t let me watch tells there’s a problem with billing.. billing is fine comes out of my bank account every month fix this

  4. ollie

    great service where i am .. great price .. love it

  5. Not letting me watch anything it keeps asking to download I’m on my smart TV using browsing but it won’t even let me watch anything I pay money so I like u to help or my money back thank

  6. Ayesha

    I am a little annoyed with the lack of content for the Australian netflix. Also, it doesn’t carry all the seasons – despite some t.v. series being rather old. Why is this and what do you intend on doing about it?

  7. bruce

    Hi I’m a member and your service is great but you just don’t put on enough new movies it’s starting to get very boring

  8. Hi my name is geneveive my son ethan has a netfix.Iwould please request you to cancell it because he is not studing.My card last 4 digit number is 6135 .THanking you .your sincerly geneveive jenkins

  9. Steve Green

    Unless you guys start putting some decent content on their you can kiss me good bye two months thn I am done, lift your game

  10. Sidoniegrey

    I am in italy paying for australian connection to my home and this one here how the hell does it work cant get thru keeps telling me to join app
    Pleas help

  11. An absolute failure./We enjoyed Netflix for quite some time.
    In the last two months nothing, TRY AGAIN, TRY AGAIN.

  12. Neil

    Twice today I have been emailed by Netflix to welcome me back. I cancelled months ago. I cancelled again today. Hopeless.

  13. andrew scott

    i have tried twice to join net flix but netflix will not accept my Australian post code which is 6108 in its american zip code box

  14. Josh

    When i Peaky Blinders season3 coming to aussie netflix!!??

  15. Geoff Boxer

    Can I get Netflix via the Kogan dongle which states it turns a non smart TV into a smart TV. Also is there any need to have a broadband account. This is for my house in Melbourne.

  16. deborah

    When is American Horror Story seasons 5 and 6 coming to australia?

    I find netflix takes too long to update seasons which causes me to search for other suppliers.

  17. Simon Prak Sar

    You guess all ready took money from my account on 31 OCT 2016 for a new month and that confused f you took my money and say that you haven’t received it

  18. helen1

    I cannot Netflix to work since I transferred to Telstra ADSL on my Samsung Smart TV. I have done all the trouble shooting as sugggested by Netflix and nothing works. They suggested it is a problem with my ISP – but I doubt this as all my other apps are working and the internet is fine. Any suggestions?

  19. Wendy Thorne

    I can no longer get Supernatural season 10 and i didn’t get season 11 in October 2016 as netflix advertised I would. Why?

  20. laura

    When will you be putting on series 2 of outlander?

  21. Caieta

    Hi. i would like to know why Netflix decided to remove such shows as Supernatural. it is a really big inconvenience to me and i would also like to know why The 100 season 3 has not been uploaded on the due date.

  22. Bailey

    Where’s supernatural gone, mate? I was up to season four and BOOM it’s GONE.

  23. Unable to sign up to NETFLIX Aust. Will not accept my postcode. Easy to see why Netflix is losing customers

  24. Rog

    Very non-intuitive website if you try and cancel/rejoin for holiday .

  25. LingLIN

    Hi sir:
    I am having 1 month free with Netflix, but I find out that I am not watching it at all, may I request to cancel it. I have suplied you with personal creid card details i do not wish to continue our subscription.

  26. Toni

    Not happy at all Netflix….watching all the House MD shows and now they are gone…makes me wonder if it’s worth watching any series in the future if this is what is going happen mid series…

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