LG Australia Customer Support 1300 54 2273
Lg Australia Phone Number 1300 54 2273

Did your LG Product suffer any damage and you need Spare Parts?
Need to ask questions about LG Warranty?

This post is for all LG Consumers and Customers! We want you to be able to get in touch with LG Customer Service in Australia, to get Support with your LG Device.

May you need to download a new LG Driver or need any LG Update? Feel free to call LG Customer Service at the following Phone Number.

For Australian Customers LG provides this Customer Service Phone Number, to get Support immediatly.

Call LG Australia Customer Support

1300 54 2273

Doesn’t matter if you may need help getting configured your LG TV, or if you need LG Technical Support to get your Microwave repaired, you can call the same just listed LG Phone Number.

If you need to Contact LG Australia, for any reason at its Headquaters, here is the aadress.

LG Australia Head Office Adress
LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd
2 Wonderland Drive, Eastern Creek NSW 2766
P.O. Box 212, Horsley Park NSW 2175

We suggest to contact Support via internet first, to look for an answer to your complaint at the frequently asked question section, but maybe you feel better talking to some representative in person. Therefore LG offers the above shown LG Customer Service Phone Number.

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6 Thoughts to “LG”

  1. John Kassis

    Hello. We have a WD14060D6 front loader and it has been by far the worst washing machine we have purchased. 2months ago the suspension broke and the machine was out of warranty. We waited 4 weeks for the LG parts and had to pay for the service call twice and the parts even though the tech said it was a common problem. It has now stopped again with the same problem. Please please please take this dud and give us a machine that we paid nearly $2,000.

  2. Bill Harry

    Hello, Be warned when buying an LG TV. If you have a problem with it they will do everything they can to blame it on you. My TV lost it’s picture and I was told there had been physical damage to the TV. The TV is wall mounted in a house occupied by my wife and myself and the TV has not fallen off it’s mount so HOW it can be physically damaged is beyond me. I purchased a number of SMART LG TVs in the one purchase and have supported LG as a brand for a long long time but I will NEVER buy anything from LG again. Regards, Bill Harry

  3. Edy Husman

    I am having a washing machine problem automatic cleaning why can’t they give the people who help us, a simple answer so they don’t have to go to model numbers it is only a cleaning agent
    I am asking for that would be the same for all the machine
    model numbers fantastic stuff put it some where I can see it easy?
    Edy Husman

    very unhappy
    answer, 2 dishwasher tablets dissolved in hot water that should do it
    I hope
    Thanks to the lady who was patience enough to find out

  4. Mark David

    I purchased an LG Microwave and it has failed to work. I contacted LG customer service and followed their directions and again the Microwave failed to work. What a piece of rubbish. I will be returning it to Harvey Norman tomorrow to get my money back and I will never purchase another LG product. I will also be posting my experience on various sites to ensure I can stop other people making the mistake of buying an LG product.

  5. Russ

    We too, are getting pissed off with shoddy help from LG, Australia. ( lack of )
    Fridge is 4 yrs old, getting a part is just not happining. The arrogance is offensive.
    LG ……we’re not happy, no more LG in our house.

  6. Never ever buying a lg product again the customer service officers if you could call them that are rude, idiots , unprofessional leave you on the fone for ages waiting up to 40min to speak to a supervisor just goes to show how crap your products are thsts 2 hrs out of my life i wont get back ! Shame on you lg !!!

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