Kodak Australia Customer Service 1-800-421-6699
Kodak Australia Support 1-800-421-6699

There are thousands of Kodak Stores and Kodak Printers in Supermarkets all around the world…
Have you ever had a problem with Kodak?
Need to make a complaint about Kodak in Australia?

Please feel free to reach Kodak Customer Service at the following Kodak Phone Number.

Kodak Contact Number,


You can contact Kodak in Australia at this Kodak Phone Number, and ask the Kodak Support about any technical Support you may need.
If you would like to complaint about a specific location or store, you can call the Kodak Customer Service Phone Number or send an email to kodak, through the Contact Us form on the Kodak Website.

The Kodak Australia Headquaters can be reached at the following Adress

Kodak Australia Head Office
Kodak (Australasia) Pty
Ltd Level 2, 436 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, Victoria
Australia, 3067

Any further question you may have, you can contact Kodak Australia at the above listed Kodak phone number.

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5 Thoughts to “Kodak”

  1. Ms. Rourke

    I have a complaint about one of your stores.

  2. Robyn Osborn

    Hi I would like to make a suggestion could you please make your Matte photo paper a bit thicker please I has no holding power and is to flimsy Thank you

  3. Jill McNamara

    When I purchased the Kodak CD – it had a CD for framing photos etc. I have lost that CD can you please send me another CD for framing my photos?

  4. Trevor Costin

    I have a three turret Standard 8mm clockwork movie camera and matching projector. Willing to donate if they are of interest to the Company.

  5. Jenny

    I purchased a Kodak Sports waterproof camera for my daughter and when I had it developed 16 of the photos were not developed. The proof page showed blank, white thumbnails and the negatives were blank. There were intermittent photos taken and photos developed in between.
    I think something has gone wrong with the camera or the printing which was done at a Kodak lab.

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