KFC Australia – Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Australia Customer Service 1300 553 899
KFC Australia Phone Number 1300 553 899

Have you ever been treated badly in a KFC Restaurant?
Did you make the complaint? If not… how do you want the company to improve?

We think best way to improve customer Service and to get better, is getting feedback.
That is why we created this Website, to help companies getting better at what they do and at the same time, make it easier for the Customers to find the Customer Service Phone Numbers and be able to make a complaint and leave a comment about how they were treated.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Australia offers the following Australia Phone Number, to be able to contact KFC Australia Customer Service.

For example you can call this Phone Number, to get information about the nearest KFC Restaurants and to get to know the KFC Opening Times of each KFC Restaurant.

KFC Australia Contact Phone Number

1300 553 899

You can visit the KFC Australia Website and find information about KFC Australia Jobs and a Kentucky Fried Chicken Australia Career, in case you would like to work for KFC.

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2 Thoughts to “KFC Australia – Kentucky Fried Chicken”

  1. Annie

    Worst ever service from Kangarooflat store rude and obnoxious. The young girl who served me nice and polite older women very rude and honestly I was rude in return. It was a simple request but she said because i hD used one of those vouchers I get what was given and that was that no customer service at all. So I am posting all this on all my websites to warn people about crap service

  2. Maria

    On the occasion that I have brought Kentucky chicken the 3 piece feed the chips have been awful don’t you taste what you sell obviously your staff don’t care or have been informed and done nothing about it. The one I went to was Croydon outlet.

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