Did you buy Furniture at Ikea? And need help regarding a Product?
Do you need to Contact Ikea, to ask about latest Offers or Discounts?

Call the Ikea Store you would like to Contact.

Ikea Australia Stores
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Ikea Australia Customer Service

IKEA Logan (QLD) 07 3380 6800
Ikea Richmond (VIC) 03 8416 5000
Ikea Rhodes (NSW) 02 8002 0400
IKEA Springvale (VIC) 03 8523 2154
Ikea Tempe (NSW) 02 8020 6641

There are lots of Ikea Locations in Australia and there is no unique Ikea Customer Service Phone Number available at this moment.
Or maybe we just didn’t find it…
If you find another Ikea Customer Service Phone Number, for Australia please leave a comment and we will be updating our information.

Up to now, you will have to look for the nearest Ikea Store, to your location, to get Support or ask the Customer Service at the store, here we share the Phone Numbers with you.

Also you can contact the Ikea Australia Head Office at the following Address.

Ikea Australia
IKEA Australia East
PO Box 108
St Peters 2044
New South Wales

For any more information you may need about Ikea Australia, you can visit the Ikea Website and for example access there, the Ikea Online Shop or find Ikea Locations.

You will also find the opening times of each Store on the Website.

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4 Thoughts to “Ikea”

  1. Over a week ago I had a dreadful experience at Ikea Tempe, it took just about 2 hours to be served and finding out later that evening that the goods given to me were not correct. I have lodged a complaint which I am told has been sent to A person called Aaron. If this is how Ikea does business in not returning customers complaints than it is a shame. Your business ethics stink, maybe you should be paying your workers the correct hourly rates. If they are paid the correct rates than who ever engages this clowns need to really look at themselves. What a joke for a multinational organisation.

  2. Nicole

    On the 15/10/2015 I sent through a complaint to IKEA Richmond regarding a staff member named Amy who works in the customer relations department. To date (29/10/2015) I have not received a response. Its ironic that staff can treat customers in this manner and disregard their requests to be put through to a manager. It appears no-one else seems to care about the way IKEA staff treat their customers either since its been two weeks since I lodged the complaint, I even requested a call from a manager at IKEA which I am still waiting for and not sure if I even will receive a response. I recommend any customer to carefully consider purchasing any item from IKEA seeing as their customer service needs a massive improvement. I most certainly would not want a staff member like this representing my organization, especially customer relations!!!!

  3. patrick

    I haves spent near 3 hours trying to order and pay for goods with the tempe store.
    I started on line as I “shoped” and carted what I wanted. and just could not process a payment and delivery outside of Canberra!
    So I call thye store, whom cannot take payment by phone.but with a abn I can email my shoping list as a commercial shoper.
    back to start, and now some 90 minutes later I am still going round in circles awaiting to be able pay…this in 2017 , with a international company of this size…never again

  4. ray morris

    to whom it may concern rang rhodes store yesterday (re) 130 kg trolley left in garbage bay area deliberately after delivering goods wearing orange shirts and acting in a professional manner. was advised by call centre he would arrange to pick it up nothing has happened. iam not at going to have ikea use me at their convenience. therefore you are advised it will be placed in the street to-night if not pick by 1800 hours to-day.

    unless you advise me of a time at my convenience. i cannot understand that companies say they are not making money i can understand why as a concerned citizen doing the wright thing i would of thought it would of been collected by now. cheers

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