IGA Australia Customer Service 02 8262 5600 (Sydney)

IGA Supermarkets do have one of the biggest network of supermarkets in Australia, and has a similar Customer Service System to Ikea.
every Supermarket or every Store has its own Customer Service.

We were not able to find one unique IGA Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to get Support or reach Customer Service with a complaint about a specific Store.

Here we share with you the only way to get in touch with IGA…

You can call IGA Sydney, to make your comlaint, or ask about specific offers and products.
To call IGA Customer Service, use the following IGA Phone Number.

IGA Australia Customer Service Phone Number

02 8262 5600

(IGA in Sydney)

If you need further information about the IGA locations, or the IGA Product range, you can visit IGA Australia Website.

Also you can access Store locator, to find your local Store.

If you need to contact IGA Australia, and do not want to leave your question at IGA Sydney, you can send your comlaint by email, or by Customer Service Contact Form on the IGA Website.

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4 Thoughts to “IGA”

  1. Mrs Partridge

    I am a regular daily shopper at IGA MLC centre and purchased the Huon Hot smoked salmon fillets today. I was horrified to find out when I returned home that they are Halal certified. Straight in the bin. I was hoping IGA did not entertain Halal certified foods. I am not against an aisle of foods that are identified as Halal but to have the whole supermarket imposed with Islamic taxes is not acceptable to my Australian beliefs. If you have a reasonable personal response feel free to respond but if you are going to give me company mumbo jumbo about Halal like Coles and Woolworths don’t even bother.

  2. Erich

    IGA West Wyalong sells rotten whole veil rump meat 7 days out of date. Yuk.
    Regular issue with freshness and used by dates on dairy, meat and deli products.
    They even have an entire section dedicated to food stuffs weeks out of date and seem to have a casual approach to their community’s safety by selling rotten and dangerous foods.
    It is simply PUTRID and DANGEROUS and needs fixing NOW as the next nearest grocery store is 60km away.

  3. sarah


  4. MOnti

    can IGA main office please explain why customers in the country do not get the products that are in the catalouge $$ Are we 2.nd class citizen? Please comment.

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