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16 Thoughts to “Hotmail Australia”

  1. Herman

    I can’t deactivate my hotmail email account, please advise

  2. Chloe Grady

    Both my email accounts have been deactivated/blocked??????? How am I meant to verify my account when I don’t have access??????????? I’m extremely annoyed.
    I have submitted the form you requested twice and still nothing!!!!!
    Please reactivate them!!!!!

  3. Sarah Heath

    I haven’t been able to access my email address that I use for job searching, for over a year now.
    I’ve tried filling out the form to get it back and I apparently lack enough to even get any help.

  4. Robyn Potts

    I have forgotten my Hotmail password – I have filled in the form to rest it 2 times and got-nothing back. I know that I have sufficient information to prove the account is mine – plus its still active on my mobile. Please respond – very unhappy customer.

  5. Danielle Moody

    I was travelling over sea recently and now you have blocked my account. I’ve tried filling out the form to get it back and I apparently lack enough to even get any help. the email address that is there for verifications is not the one I had linked with the account.

  6. john anderson

    i cleared cookies and history and lost my password,could not remember it,filled in the forms twice still no joy,this is not protecting my security its ruining it,i cannot access paypal or ebay or any of my business contacts

  7. Phove

    When I send an email from my hotmail account they send multiple times. I need this to be fixed please.

  8. Mara

    I can’t access my account. I have forgotton my password. Well I think I have. I go into reset my password enter the character letters numerous amount of times. It’s always going back to reset that I have entered the incorrect characters. It’s blocked me out of my email account.

  9. Yvonne

    Hot mail is more trouble than its worth,waiting for them to get back to you is useless. I have trouble logging in every time and its not worth the hassle.

  10. Sandra

    I want to recover my email I call them today and they want me to pay $170.00 for them to help

  11. My hotmail account was hacked on 28th may and can i no longer retrieve emails. Do not try to reply to my hotmail email account . Please do call my mobile. Best times after 4pm every day of the week.

  12. I am stuck overseas with all my flight details on emails that you won’t let me access. I entered the right password butbghiscwas not enough. I filled out the forms and you still won’t let me in. I need help urgently please help me

  13. Marie

    I have a blocked account that I need to get into and delete. It’s an old account but I still used it for social media websites such as Facebook and tumblr. As you could see there would be lots of notification emails for a Facebook that is mine. I’ve just swapped accounts on my Facebook in case it logs me out again but I can verify it is my account! I’ve tried that verification form twice and it didn’t help. I remember the password and my security question answer but as I’ve said it’s an old account that I made when I was a kid I wouldn’t remember what I’d even entered. Please fix this, it’s getting rather frustrating.

  14. Allanah

    I cant remember my password and need it as i have lost my phone.
    i have tried to fill out many forms but dont knw the exact postcode i entered when i started the account.
    Please help

    1. can’t access my mail. Error 3219.

  15. carley

    I am currently overseas and it won’t let me log into my account. Asks me to validate which I answer all questions and then states no enough information. Very frustrated and don’t want to be spending my entire holiday dealing with this security which I never signed up for and completely unnecessary. Please gain me access asap as I urgently need some information. I am currently in the Cook Islands and have access to no phone so don’t care what you do just give me access

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