For Honda Customers and Users, we publish this postt today.
We want to share with you the Honda Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to contact Honda Australia.

Honda Australia Customer Service 1800 804 954

You can call the Honda Customer Service Phone Number, here listed, to get Support regarding the Warranty of your Honda, or to get information about the Honda Models and where to buy Honda Spare Parts.

Honda Australia Customer Service
at the Honda Contact Phone Number

1800 804 954

If you would like to get some more information about Honda Financial Servcies, or where the next Honda Dealer ist, you can visit Honda Website and look there for most important facts.

Also you will be able to access the Honda Dealer Locator online and can obtain more information about the Honda Australia Support.

Feel free to leave your comment about Honda Customer Service, below this post and help us to compile information about how Customer Services work and how effective they are.

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7 Thoughts to “Honda”

  1. Anita

    I purchased a new HONDA car late Oct 2014, because my dealership sold me a 2013 manufactured vehicle I now have insurance problems due to they don’t recognise my car as 2014 model new car

    They view it as 2013 , I went on the word of my dealership Alto Honda@ blacktown in Sydney that the compliance plate Is the important stamp for a new car , they mislead me entirely.
    I asked for a 2014 car , when they told me I had to wait a month I was prepared to wait for the car I wanted , but within a wk of my deposit the manager at this branch rang me to say he found a car, I asked when it was manufactured where had it been sitting for a whole year, I questioned the fact it was almost a year old, 1 month shy, they assured me the compliance date Is the most important for re sale later or insurance. That is not the case as Dept of Fair trading indicates below : –

    This practice needs to be brought to someone’s attention , maybe dealerships should re evaluate how they present information to prospective customers and disclose all information , so customer can make informed descions. My paperwork says my car payment is $26,095 , so paid price value of new car Oct 2014 I’ve had for 2wks , not demo , not used , NEW

  2. Stalin Amalads

    Hi there,
    Last week of January 2015, I purchased the upgraded Honda Crv series 2. In 2 weeks time I started feeling a clunk while turning the wheels in stationary. I have booked for an inspection on 10/03/15. lets see what they have to say. I am afraid I got a defective vehicle. Fingers crossed.

  3. Cong

    In January I bought a brand new Honda Cr-v MY 2016 and there is a problem that when we get off the car my family it also includes a 9 years old kid and always gets a electric shock that is very dangerous for her health and our health. I called the Yarra Honda dealer, and he said it was alright because of the clothes that we wear. So I recalled the Yarra Honda reception and she sent me to an adviser, and the adviser reckons that they cant fix the problems. So today 10th of April I called the Honda head office in Australia. And she gave me a number of Caroline Spring dealer number, I gave them a call and they reckon it happened to every car model brand and I called the Yarra Honda again to the reception and she tried to transfer me to the Honda Workshop. And I have been waiting for 5 minutes without any answer. And they don’t even support me and help me at all instead of blaming us to get electric shocks is because of the clothes we wear not because of their faulty. Anyone can give me advice on what to do?

    1. Mike

      You can buy an anti-static strap at an auto accessories shop which you screw to the underneath of the car that fixes it

  4. vanna

    I purchased a Honda euro, January 2014. Within a couple of months I ascertained that the gps was about 2 years out of date. What I queried with Honda Berwick, I was told that the vehicle was a 2013 model and possibly the GPS may have been installed early on the year so would be The superceded model. I was advised to wait longer for upgrade as the next version was already out and the newer one still would be out not long after. When I enquires about the upgrade at the next dr ice I was told it would cost me $400. That is ludicrous. It was never up to date when I got the vehicle. I could purchase a new gps every year for the next 6 years for that money. Which I might add the service gent thought was an option. So then why bother having a built in screen? I think you need to have a much better approach to customer service. I have always used dealers for service with my vehicles but I am seriously considering going to an alternative service centre. I was never treated like this with my Holden, should have stuck to them I think.

  5. I have a new Honda CRV which I really like except when i have the drivers seat in my preferred position I cannot see the speedometer dial from 80 to 140 kph. I contacted Honda Australia to ask if the car computer system could be programed to display the car speed digitally on the information display. They said it could not be done. This is nonsense, of course it can be done. Can’t be bothered is more likely.

  6. Venugopala Satti

    Hello ,

    Hope you are doing great.

    Can you please advise, if there is a possibility that rear end collision to honda civic 2007- can damage alternator?

    kind regards

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