Need to contact Google Customer Service?

We want to share with you, as we do for usual, the Google Customer Service Number, and also publish some comments about how Customer Service solved problems, to make it easier for you to Contact Support.

We only found this Google Customer Service Phone Number:
Google Support Phone Number 001 65025 30000

Google provides only the Phone Number we show below, for Customer Service, in United States.
We couldn’t find any direct Australia Customer Service Number for Google.
but anyway, you can call and reach Google Support to receive help immediatly.

Google is the main and most important Search Engine and you can reach its Headquaters at:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Google Phone Number

+1 650 – 253 – 0000

Any questions you may have about Search Engine, SEO, any other Google Project, you can visit contact Google directly or contact Google Customer Service through the Google Homepage in Australia.

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26 Thoughts to “Google”

  1. Rich Ivers

    My Nexus 5 is water damaged, I called head office Sydney but the girl refused to put me thru to anyone, said she doesn`t a clue what goes on there. Nice one Google. She told me to call LG ?? I can`t get any response from Google, well no more Google for me, Iphone or Blackberry.

    1. Stacey

      If your device is water damaged, you’d have to go to the manufacturer of the hardware, not the software. Google does not control LG – LG is the brand. that is the company

  2. I have a Galaxy GT S7500T mobile phone, until recently I used
    Google News and Weather app. But lately it will not load, I get a
    “Please wait” message but nothing ever happens…WHY?

    1. Stacey

      try contacting your service provider or perhaps the manufacturer?

  3. simon

    Try explaining to a kid why Perth Western Australia is not on the Santa Tracker.

    While I can understand not all places can be listed but you have Wollongong, Mackay Townsville and Cairns…but not the countries third largest city in the state that contributes 45% of the nations wealth.
    Massive over site Google

  4. I have problems with google advertising on my phone. Although I opted out for adds option I still receive them.
    I tried to contact google by phone that option does not exist for google business. Yes, you do have option “customer service” when you dial, but that option, as the all other, at the end direct you only to their website.
    No possibility to talk with a human!

  5. Hi there
    I have issues with my username which requires to be resolved. I would like to talk to a human being at Google in Australia. Would you kindly provide me with a contact number to get this issue resolved urgently.

  6. Ted todd

    Evidently and I don’t know how, you have signed me up for Adwords. This has happened before.did not sign up and I do not want this. Also, I believe that I have been scammed by one of your associates called Airarena pty ltd for a similar offer. I tried to explain it on the phone to one of your operators but she said she knew nothing about it.
    You will be hearing from the police and our solicitors unless someone contacts me
    Ted todd Melbourne vic. Australia

  7. Why is the first four pages of Google search showing information that has nothing directly about Mostyn Enterprises?
    Customers don’t want to trawl through a load of garbage to find things about my company.
    Please contact me.

  8. why only 25kb as attachment and can this be increased by me

  9. I have already sent an email but am getting no response, our business is having issues with GMAIL account holders where the tickets they have purchased in our prize home lotteries are going to the SPAM folder regardless of whether we are marked as a safe sender or not. We have completed testing and this only occurs for GMAIL account holders. I am trying to identify why this is occurring and if there is anything we can do at our end to stop this as it is costing our business money in printing and posting tickets that our customers can’t seem to find on their GMAIL accounts plus our reputation. We are a not for profit organisation and our customers don’t understand why they don’t receive the tickets. It is very frustrating. I would really appreciate someone contacting me to discuss how this can be resolved. Thanks, Kirsty

  10. Maurice dutton

    You would think with all the huge profits made that Google would ace up their customer service call centre. It is useless

  11. Rolf

    My e-mail is telling me i did change my password, which i did not..I tried to change my password but i can not as the old ? one will not delite so the reafirming does not corospond….what can i do ???

  12. Andria gregorius

    Hi there ..
    How to get back my account gmail ??
    My old number is non-active , so i can’t acces my number .. Because i already change new number and i forgot change number in my account gmail..
    So how i can get my account back ??

  13. Atla Seitshiro

    Hi there.

    Does anyone know if google is working on an update for there Google TV firmware for the Hisense vision Tv?
    and if so have they released any information about it or a release date?

  14. Anil De Silva

    Hi There,
    Just want to know if the Google Cloud Print is in production or still in Beta version.

    Kind Regards

  15. jen

    google would have to be the hardest company to get an answer with about advertising there is no Aust number to call, but every idiot calls us annoying us when we don’t want help. when we do you can’t get them.

  16. I have installed chromecast to my main computer, however it is too far from the TV, so I bought another laptop to stream movies. I have installed the chromecast on the laptop, all the numbers show up, but the little box at the top of the chrome web page doesn’t show. what can I do

  17. Bob Harris

    when you try to find a phone contact for Google in Australia please put in the proper phone number not the one this is now showing.

  18. James

    Hi, I moved into a new street recently, and even though it physically appears on google maps isnt dosent register in searches or directions the property/street is over a year old. Is there anyway to update this? I can send to location this the place.

  19. why is there no Anzac logo for Google today, you do it for someone who died 400 years ago but nothing for the Anzac’s who without them you wouldn’t be here.
    If its worthy of a national public holiday shurly you wont be offending anyone , but you will be offending 90% of Australia

  20. So I have thirty staff operating on Google for Work, Workflowmax & Xero ..But where do I buy Chromebox plus three displays, Chromebook.
    JBHiFi are plain rude about Google & Chromebooks +Chromebox
    Officeworks are no better
    The retailers obviously have it in for Google and any Chrome related Hardware
    Acer Aus offer old spec machines to Aus..
    Aus must be the global Chrome machine dumping ground
    Google Aus will have you going around in circles trying to get answers for SMB.

  21. Wong

    I have repeatedly sent a notice to google on defamatory comments made on my google reviews but todate there as been no response. I would like to take further action against the person who placed the derogotary remarks.

  22. im tryig to find someone who can help me to take off a photo of me on google images people are teasing me about it which therefore i have come to you guys please help me

  23. Scozzy

    Boy it is hard work, just trying to find somewhere to contact Google; – when all that one wants to do is say a simple “Thank You.” !!!
    For today’s front page,(whatever you call it) for Lotte Reineger.
    Lovely to look at, a joy to watch. – Please send a “Thank You” to All involved.
    Nice one.
    – Scozzy (John Aitken)

  24. Van VU

    I have bought a Google Google Nexus 6P H1512 128GB Unlock Mobile Phone- But I couldn’t scan connect it to my bluetooth in my Toyota Hybrid luxury So please help me…

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