Are you having trouble with your Facebook Account?
You should consider the here listed Facebook Customer Service and Facebook Support Phone Number, to get your issue solved.

At CustomerService1800.com, we share Customer Service Phone Numbers, and now we want you to know the Phona Number Facebook Provides, to get in touch with Customer Service.

In Australia, Facebook offers the here listed Phone Number, to contact Facebook Support.

Facebook Customer Service:

001 – 650 – 543 – 4800

This Phone Number is an US, Customer Service Phone Number, but as we know, there is no direct Australia Support available at this moment.

If you do not want to spend much money on calling Facebook to US, you also can Contact Facebook Australia by email and visiting Facebook Website, to send you comlaint through “Contact Us” form available.

Please leave your comment, to let other readers know, how it went with Facebook Australia Customer Service.
We think the Customer Service will be able to help you with any problems, regarding Facebook Login, or with your Facebook Account.

Were you able to access your Account or restore your Password with Facebook Support?
If you think your Facebook Account was hacked, you should contact Facebook Support as soon as possible, in order to prevent greater damage.

Facebook Account was hacked? Call Support immediatly!

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52 Thoughts to “Facebook”

  1. Hi,
    I have currently deleted my mother Nicky Brayshaw from Facebook for writing a silly status about me. Could Facebook please cancel the deactivation on her account. Thank you in advance.

  2. I was sent a malware on my Facebook account and Facebook locked me out. I have done all the necessary precautions. Tried to change my password etc and still cannot access my account. PLEASE rectify ASAP so i may get my messages etc.
    Kind regards
    Tracey Alston

  3. Ken Doan

    I was shocked to find out from my friends that someone had hacked into my FB account and pretend to by me to scam money from my friends. Yesterday I made a different FB account. Can you please delete this account to prevent false identity fraud? Also, is it possible to recover all my photos on this account and have it transferred to my new FB account?

  4. Tarik

    I was wondering how I can unblock my Facebook page

  5. angelica

    Hi I seem to have trouble writing to my friends on facebook it keeps showing no net connection but I do have Internet. It all hapend since I changed password and new upgrade. Thanks for your time

  6. xenia McCulloch

    Hi I have lost my old face book and all my friends have been deleted. Initially I tried having both face book on on my mobile and laptop but it did not like it and deleted both. How can I get it back so I do not have to go through the pain stacking task of adding my friends again ?? Cheers Xenia.

  7. Jeff C

    I wish to reactivate my Facebook account but no longer know the password. The email address I used to set up the account is not longer activated.
    Is there anyway I can get access to my page that has somehow been reactivated, but not by me.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. I can’t remember my Facebook password and I go to the email with the www address and it says it will send a confirmation email within 30 minutes and I never receive one, this has happened 3 times. What do I need to do?

    1. davis sacco

      im trying to change my mobile originally registered with facebook but it keeps bringing up my old phone number for the sms code to reset it. and i cant remember my password and username.

  9. I logged out and forgot my password and have tried every possible way to log / hack back into my own account. I have accidentally for into others accounts and can’t get into mine.i would like some help as to log in and change my password.

  10. Rebecca Hyssett

    My page has been deactiveated and it is asking me for some id. I obviously dont want to give my id. I have tried facebook custmer support but you need to be on your facebook for that and I cant login. Can someone please email me as to what I can do to reactivate my account

  11. Hi I need to activate my Facebook I keep typing in the write password but it still won’t let me on and I need to contact my family my Facebook name is emiliee niiamh be a massive help if you can sort it thank you 🙂

  12. Theo Palavras

    Hi there
    is there any chance i can retrieve a status from a group that has been deleted.

  13. john

    Hi, I often place an add for my facebook pages but sometimes am very frustrated to see that it takes more than 6 hours or longer for the approval. I wonder why this is happening more than often. I feel that I am losing the golden time for the Facebook add, just wasting money.

  14. vikki mcsharry

    Someone is reactivating my Facebook page and I want it deleted so it can’t be reactivated

  15. Kevin Regan

    Hello, I am the registered owner of mobile catering company.. Somebody has opened a facebook account using our company name and logo. I have posted my grievance on this account requesting they de-activate the account, but to no avail. Can you please assist. Kind regards

  16. Jill Danfield

    I keep getting a message to say my email address is invalid. I did have problems with email early January but the issue has now been resolved. Please nore the email address is active and current

  17. Rita nadhim

    Hello , there’s a girl have my photos and sharing it and I’m having big troubles because of her and she’s sharingy my videos acting like its her and talking to guys in a bad way can you please help me as soon as possible . Thanks

  18. liz moore

    I had a notification saying someome logged into my account so I went through all the links and it gave me an ip address, how can I find out who it was that has been on my profile?

  19. Someone hacked me and changed my password, the hacked me because there number is linked with this account. Please get rid of there number off my account and let me get Back into facebook.

  20. Jacqui Lobos

    I can’t access our Facebook account Bossley Sports Club – we have been unable to post any updates on our Facebook site for sometime as the person in charge of this is no longer a member of the club – I hope you can help us and look forward to a prompt response.

  21. Willard Lloyd

    My Facebook had been deleted because my friend uploaded a stupid picture of himself and I need it back on !!!!! Willard Lloyd please help

  22. Hello.. can you please help me? I have a problem with video calling.
    not able to contact my friends. a message come on and the call will end…
    very much appreciated if you can let me know the problem…

    Many thanks
    Marcella Neumann 🙂

  23. Holly Thompson

    Hi I’ve really been having trouble matching my client database to facebook. I’ve tried uploading an excel document saved as csv with a list of all their email addresses but it isn’t working. Any suggestions??
    Thanks, its urgent!!

  24. Why can’t I access my account? It is asking me to upload a picture of my ID, is this a scam? How do I know that you need my ID and even then I do not want you to have a copy of my ID please rectify my account immediately!

  25. Karen bradford

    Is there a way I can print the messages from my sons facebook. He passed away in August of last year, and we are waiting till after the first anniversary of his death for people to leave messages on his wall. I would like to keep all condolence messages. His partner will then close his account. Please help.

  26. Kelly-Anne Hunt

    hi facebook has logged me out as it asked me to upload I.D to verify who i was.. but im not will to upload my I.D onto the internet. so now i cant access my facebook… can you please get back to me about what we can do. thank you

  27. Blake Zumot

    So i clicked on a harmelss looking link weeks ago and every 3-4 weeks it keeps uploading innapropriate posts on my friends walls and to groups that i am in. I have chnaged my password multiple times and still seems to not do anything. its affecting my work and is ruining m facebook

  28. Rhoda Dorrell

    Hi Facebook,
    I am trying to confirm if an email I received the other day is truly from Facebook or just a SACAM It tells me I have won 1,000,000 US dollars from a Facebook Rewards program sponsored by the Facebook management.
    Can you please confirm if there is any truth in this or not!!

  29. Rachel Borowyckyj

    I have just had someone try to log in to my account, now I have to change my password but I still can not access my account. I have tryed to change my password but it just says error.

  30. jack

    account verification has locked me out of account

  31. mona

    I have sent through my id it was rejected beacause my real name isnt the same as the name on my facebook account , i need to access my account asap as it is linked to my business page ! i have sent through numerous emails i need help!!!!!!

  32. Amy Davis

    Hi, my facebook has locked me out and i have done everything to get back onto facebook but as soon as i complete it, the page has a server error

  33. john

    I was requested to upload my id what makes a private company to have such kind of information.
    I prefer not to disclose to.

    it is rediculous to demand Id by a private company. what the world is come to??? what a world we want to live in.
    and I will post this kind of thing in the social media get response , most of people at large suggest me: just forget it …and choose do not use facebook vs my personal securty.

    I took this chance as the last reminding note as a venue to have a better world, not been abused by some of despicables who is trying every move to silent people who had a stand…

  34. Hayley Port

    My phone was stolen, my facebook page and email hacked, how do I deactivate it asap?

  35. Valerie Miller

    My facebook account has been hacked and another account has been opened in my name and with my picture and my friends have been getting messages and friend requests from them what do I do

  36. hi! my facebook id which is named Sandeep Cheema has hacked and somebody is posting vulgar posts from my id . even I am not able to see thats posts but people are saying and reporting about me like why do I post that all shit.
    Please please help me. asap

  37. Hi I was recently added to a group I have no intention of being a part of and I am concerned this group will appear as if I have actually joined it in my Facebook history. Could someone please confirm for me whether this is true and how I can change it? The group was rude and inappropriate and something I would never join.

  38. 0466631997

    I cannot login into my Facebook??

  39. umma salma


    My account has been hacked. Contact email address has been changed. I do not have trusted friend list. Please help me to recover my account.


  40. Adelle Glance-Wilson

    A friend reported a comment of mine as a joke, now I am disabled from Facebook for 30 days?

  41. william

    Hi my xgirl friend has hacked my facebook account and deleted every thing is there any way i can get it back

  42. Luckz leutele

    Hi my account was hacked a few months ago I can’t get into any emails that where provided when I opened that Facebook account I really need to get into the messages to help with a court case may you please contact me asap on email provided

  43. kyren welsh

    my wife has two accounts but can not access either due to not remembering her email and pass word.we need both emails and passwords deleted or changed to my email addrress so i can sort it out for her.she needs to change her avitar also but needs me to show her.neither account has been used for years and waiting is very frustrating

  44. Someone use my photo to their fb then give me friend add to me I want know who that plz help me

  45. I keep getting this Email every day:

    Oodi, you have 22 new notifications

    How do i get it 2 stop?



  46. Ryan

    Someone added me on facebook, posted a virus pornographic link on my page then blocked me. I am unable to see the post or the persons page but other people see it on my page. Some of my friends reported the link and profile but nothing has happened. My employer could see this and my reputation ruined. Please take down the post and delete the profile.

    Please reply asap


  47. Madi

    I would like to retrieve my Facebook accounts but no longer know the password. The email address I used to set up the account is not longer activated.
    Please help asap

  48. David Griffiths

    Hello, Recently I changed my password and Facebook has locked me out of the account until I provide ID. I have attempted to do this but facebook doesn’t recognize my secure email address and wont go beyond that step in the process. How do I get this resolved?

  49. Sam

    Hi, I’m having trouble with my account, can you please contact me asap. Thanks

  50. anne parry

    I received a message today saying that someone had tried to change my passwoed, it was not me.

  51. 0422 681 522

    I need help to change the mobile number I first set up my Facebook account to my new one please.
    Thanking you

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