Expedia Australia Booking 133 810
Expedia Australia Customer Service 133 810

Expedia ia a worldwide company, selling flights and hotel stays. In Australia you can Contact the here listed Customer Service Phone Number, to get Support or receive help while booking online.

We share with you the following Phone Number, which Expedia publishes for Customer Service in Australia, to get information for example about the Baggage Fees or Luggage Allowence for specific Destinations.

Also you wuold be able to make a Expedia Booking by phone, calling the following number, or change a reservation you have done.

Expedia Australia Customer Service Phone Number:

133 810

Leave us your comment about Expedia Customer Service. Did you have to wait long time to get an answer to your complaint?

If neccesary to find Information about the Expedia Services or anything about Expedia All Inclusive, and the latest Expedia Offers you can visit Expedia Website.

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7 Thoughts to “Expedia”

  1. maggie hilton

    I have been waiting nearly a month to get refunds from you, despite phoning numerous times and sending emails. I was told on the last phone call refund would be done , but still nothing . Please can you contact me on the email below to let me know why this has not been done as yet as I have had no reply to my correspondence

    booking number

    Refunds to be made $374.40 and $238.40

    Thank you so much

    Maggie and Ric Hilton

  2. Hi, I’m Mike.

    I send tour operators a free directory with Australian tourist attractions and accommodation properties listed,
    Could you please send me your postal address.



    I’d like to get a quote on 2 x group flights but am unable to without calling internationally.

    Is it possible someone could email me back please??

  4. Kathryn jackson

    Would like to speak to someone in Australia with a complaint about poor service through you booking line.
    Have been throughly ripped off.
    Will never use the site again and will certainly voice our displeasure to all our contacts.

  5. Lynne

    I have been trying to contact Expedia Australia since 6/12 with no success. I am in India and require immediate assistance.

  6. Ben & Nathalie

    Am trying to get a quote for a flight change, but can’t seem to reach you via e-mail. No where is a contact listed for e-mail correspondence, only a phone number! Why must I call from outside Australia to get a simple quotation?! Kindly advise email address for contact with your reservation team. Thank you

  7. Nicola

    In January 2017 I booked a tour for Maui and the day before the tour was told they has no receipt of our booking and had to pay again.
    They told us they will be recrediting my credit card but I have received nothing as yet.

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