Ebay Australia phone number 1800 322 928

Do you use Ebay to buy Products Online?
How did Ebay work for you? Ever had any problem with a specific seller, or ever had trouble getting your product?

Any issue, that may pops up, in the middle of your purchase, you can Contact Ebay Australia Customer Service to get immediate Support.
We share here with you the Ebay Customer Service Phone Number, for Australia.

Please do not forget to share your experience with us and help us to inform all readers of how effective Ebay Customer Support is.

From anywhere in Australia, you can reach the Ebay Customer Service at the Phone Number Ebay provides, with this purpose.

Ebay Customer Support Phone Number

1800 322 928

You can call the Ebay Customer Support for any question you may have about your Ebay Account, or if your ebay Account got suspended, and you don’t know why.

Ebay Australia Contact Phone Number is available for registered users only, to ask anything related to Ebay Sell or Buy Articles, alo you can Contact Ebay Australia , to obtain information about Ebay Fees and Prices as well as Information about Ebay Policies.

You can also visit Ebay Australia Site to look into it and find some more information.

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13 Thoughts to “Ebay”

  1. Gary Guest

    I have tried to use my Ebay account but says it is suspended. I cannot see why. If I do not hear back from you I will use another service to buy my goods.

  2. paul waters

    My ebay account suspended for non payment. this is WRONG. I have tried for 1 hour to contact Ebay and it’s just not working. I have spent thousands buying on ebay over the years. Always pay via pay pal immediately after purchase. PLEASE contact me on my phone number I need to SPEAK to an actual living ebay employee. Thankyou

    1. Anastasia

      Guess what? I have spent lots of money on ebay too over the years, they have suspended my account for false reporting. I don`t know what it means since I have reported no one. And my account has been suspended for months now, and there is no way to contact Ebay – they do not even provide phone number anymore if you noticed. I now switched to amazon, – it is definitely better buying place.

      1. ashley

        Same I was banned 3 months ago! I sold over 5000 products and really looked after customer only reason they closed it my prices were to cheap and they actually told me that 🙁 I now own my own site and supply product to resellers

        (As I type this I’m on the phone to eBay as the just put a $200 selling fee on my account don’t know y but they did and i havent sold for 3 months like wtf)

  3. lesley-ann peterson

    I tried to purchase an item and IAF comes up after I commit to buy.

  4. Bevan G (Ipswich)

    E Bay are criminals!!!. My account was also suspended for the sake of $4.12c while at the same time they owed me over $53.00. I tried to put goods on to E Bay on 27th June, only to find out that my account was suspended, I am advised that the $4.12c was for something that I have never purchased. I am still waiting for the $53.00 to be put into my bank account. Are there any human beings working at E Bay????

  5. Antonina Moscon

    Hi I ordered a jumper with sales4-Buyer on the 18/4/15. As yet I have not received the item. I have had messages back and forth and the said they would replace it, but to no avail. I’ve asked them to refund it just recently but haven’t heard back. This is the first time I have ordered clothing on Ebay and am very disappointed with the outcome. I will definitely not order from that salesperson again or any clothing at all with Ebay. Hoping to hear from you very soon to have this case resolved.

  6. Reginald

    I tried to buy a computer on EBAY using CELEBRATE2015 offer 15% discount, but the offer is a scam generated by EBAY . I see on Product Review others have the same opinion. I am going to cancel my account with EBAY as they are untrustworthy.

  7. Rod Catanach

    just impossible to get to talk to a human being. will now purchase goods thru another source.

    disgusted with appalling attitude[

  8. rhonda danylenko


    Please cancel my most recent order dated 30/5/16 as it is the wrong order.
    I have tried to contact you which is VERY DIFFICULT………so please cancel the above order.

    Thank you

  9. Frustrated seller

    eBay have no real system to take queries ,complaints or questions, for such a big company it has small customer care and service. If I wanted to get done up the butt I would visit my family more. Give me a break eBay and at least kiss me first

  10. Anne

    I tried to remove my two laptop items in my cart on the 25 Dec 2015 for the amount of $5290. All of a sudden the Pay Me Paypal symbol started spinning and the items went through as a sales transaction. I tried to cancel the transaction straight after it happened. Bay said I wasn’t allowed to cancel it.
    Paypal tried to take the money out of my account but I put a stop on it.
    Every avenue that was available on E bay and Paypal I tried to no avail. Each time Paypal went into my account it cost me $ 8. I contacted the JBSALES—–
    and told them by E Bay’s messages to cancel the order. No money was paid to the seller and yet on the 10 Jan 2016 I received the two laptops that I didn’t want I decided to put in a complaint to ACCC. E Bay address Level 1 York Street Sydney NSW Phone No.1800 322 928

  11. EBay isn’t trying hard enough to discourage customers. I actually found this contact screen but trying to buy something is obviously inconvenient to you.
    Several attempts to register (2) card details failed for a small cost item rejected for “failure to confirm card details”. Cards have limits of thousands of dollars! As my old schoolteacher used to say “Must try harder.”

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