Casio Australia Head Office (02) 9415 5052

You own a Casio watch, and need Technical Support or need to get it repaired?
In this post we will show you, which Casio Customer Servie Phone Number you should call to get Support as soon as possible.

In Australia there is only one Customer Service Phone Number, available to be able to contact Casio.

Casio Australia Head Office Phone Number

(02) 9415 5052

You can call Casio Australia, to get immediate Support regarding the Casio Warranty or Casio Spare parts you may need to get your Casio Device or Watch repaired. If you need a Casio Manual, we would recommend to look on the Casio Website first, but the Casio australia Customer Service will be greatful to help you eather.

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4 Thoughts to “Casio”

  1. Ben Cheshire

    Hi I have been wearing your W59 alarm chrono watch for 35 years, now on my sixth or seventh one, I think. I have been wearing them so long that they have apparently come back into fashion, with people often commenting on my “retro” watch. They are great – but for one thing! The watches last about 5 years, but the watch bands only last about half that, typically 2 or 3 years before they crack and break. Would be great if this could be improved. Or perhaps you could replace my band which just broke again today…

    1. Dines Larsen

      I am wanting to buy your pocket calculator model SL 210 TE, but cannot find a way of purchasing it in Australia ( or via the Internet internationally).

      I would be grateful if you would let me know the solution to my problem

      Thank you and best regards

      Dines Larsen

  2. Francesca

    Hi there, my son has a G-Shock 4778 on which the safety band on the strap has broken. Can we purchase this part from you?

  3. Elliee

    My Casio f(x)82Au Plus II doesn’t work unless I hit it with force onto a hard surface. I would like to know why this is and is there any way I can fix it. It unfortunately stopped working in a middle of an examination. Please Help. Thank You

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