Apple Australia Store Phone Number 133-622
Apple Australia Technical Support 13 36 22

Apple has an extraordinary Customer Service worldwide.
If you have problems with your Iphone or Itunes, Apple answers complaints almost immediatly and the Apple Customer Service Team is there to help you at any time, trying to satisfy all clients.

Did you have any own experience with Apple Customer Service in Australia?
Please share your story with us.

We have no doubt, that Apple Customer Service will provide the Support you need, at the Phone Number we share with you in this text, today.

For any Support you may need for your Apple Device, such as Iphone, o Ipod, you can call the following Apple Customer Service Phone Numberm and get help immediatly.
More than one person told us, that Apple Customer Service is one of the best Services worldwide.

Apple Australia Phone Number


For example you can contact Apple Australia, to get information about the latest models and devices, or you can get information about the Apple Warranty, by calling the Apple Phone Number.

Visit the Apple Homepage to access Apple Store, or to be able to
get Apple Drivers or download the latest Apple Update.

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6 Thoughts to “Apple”

  1. Dez

    Hi Guys,
    My iCloud account is locked and the recovery email address for my password retrieval is no longer in use.I am getting the run around from the USA on how to delete the account.
    I dont want iTunes or Apps and just use my iPad Air for Factime, the rest of the time its used as a very good paper weight on my desk.
    Can you help as the USA Team are becoming increasingly annoying.

  2. Craig

    Can’t believe with all our experience and technology we still work from 9 – 5 so to speak. I have updated my IPad 2 to iso . 9 . Some shit and since my pad keeps freezing dropping out and pretty much nothing.
    I always update all my I products to keep them compatible but the phone and the pod are working fine.
    What rubs me the wrong way is trying to get any help might as well be using media player on a tablet at least when I got it free I didn’t have an excuse to complain.
    But when updates down grade when saved programs are removed you can replace and what you want is what you get.
    Every time I try and promote Apple they do something stupid like this and who you gunna call because ghost busters can’t figure shit either..
    Discruntled unheard long term user.
    Good luck with the future.

  3. With regret have tried for 6 or more months reported problem with my ip 2014 mini with not a responce to say received umfortunatly cannot receive in mail or send out mail why somehow mail cannot find server every time I try sign in compile new account a note opens cannot find server and various other reports problems now discovered websites are reporting not connected to server

  4. Looking for IT support from Apple Certified Professionals, a team who care about you, and a company that love Macs?

    Let us help you solve your Apple device problems.

  5. Mark blackwell

    I bought an Apple TV A1625 in the USA can I use 240 volts back here in Australia?

  6. Hi
    I was wondering why I cannot back up my iphone 6s
    or my Ipad air 2 in I tunes
    I used to be able to but now for some reason unbeknown when I connect either it goes to a page that does not show any detail of either
    Can you help please
    Thank you kindly

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