Amazon Australia Support 001 (206) 266-4064
Amazon Australia Customer Service 001 (206) 266-4064
Amazon Australia Contact Phone Number and Amazon Sales (206) 266-4064

Amazon is one of the biggest online markets and retailers worldwide.
You can buy almost everything and everywhere.

Besides Amazon developed a Logistics Centre that leaves you open-mouthed, with a distribution and delivery in almost any part of the world.

If you may bought something at Amazon, and diid not receive your order yet, you can Contact Amazon Customer Service for tracking.
Or if you may need to access your Amazon Account, can’t because your password is not working…
Or any other issue you may can have with Amazon, you should consider calling Amazon Customer Service to get Support.

Amazon Australia Phone Number

001 (206) 266-4064

We are sure, that Amazon Customer Service will be able to help you, for example placing an order on Amazon Australia, or to find information about Amazon Warranty.

For some information, you may also look into Amazon Australia Website and find there advice, for example regarding the Amazon Vouchers or Amazon Kindle in Australia.

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13 Thoughts to “Amazon”

  1. hello sir madam I try to buy hybrid bike but message showing to me this item can’t send your address why it’s and I really want to buy this bike it can be possible to buy or not?

  2. lyn palo

    hi, does Amazon ship to sydney and how long does the delivery take please

  3. Tclements

    Cannot contact on phone no supplied

  4. LEE Fenech

    I am after some spare parts for a leg magic machine.

  5. Peter

    The contact number you give me for Australia is a US phone number.
    Not useful for me.
    Can I have a number IN Australia please.
    Thank you

  6. Paul Nichols

    I need to contact Amazon in Australia to resolve a problem, but the only phone number provided by amazon is an international US number! Why should I have to call an international number when Amazon. Maybe Amazon should contact me?

    1. Jack

      Yes Paul, that is annoying. Also annoying is buying a kindle that has frozen screen and half screen opaque. More annoying is purchasing twelve ebooks that wont open. Amazon advice to delete ebooks and download again so you have to pay for them again??

  7. John jenkins

    Please remove me from Amazon e-mail listing.

    Thank you.

  8. Francis

    Trying to have some inquiry into your products, however the provided is international US number, please is there an alternative way to contact Amazon? Thank you

  9. Sally Smith

    Hello. From UK I would like to buy Amazon vouchers for my Family in Cairns.
    Amazon UK tell me I can open an account with Amazon AU and pay with my English credit card for vouchers or gifts.
    Is this correct. If so how do I go about it.
    Thank you

  10. Priyadarshi Dravid

    I feel so irritated that a large corporate like Amazon does not have “live webchat” or an Australian number. Its shame that Amazon Australia exists for name sake and all problems are dealt through US numbers. Why not have a 1800 number for Australia?

  11. Karen Strudwick

    Amazon Australia, why can’t we have kindle unlimited here. You have it in almost every other country. Do we australian subscribers not warrant this?

  12. Simon Robertson

    Could you please put me onto the person in charge of opening up a new store in Australia. I have 10,000m2 of space coming up for a company like amazon in a premium location

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