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Ever needed to Contact Airbnb Customer Service?
If you are having problems with a flat you rented, and the owner did not give you the keys, or you payed for a house with more bedrooms, just call Airbnb Customer Service and ask for Airbnb Return, or Airbnb Money Back.

We have heard that Airbnb has a very good and effective Customer Service, but if you may have any problems renting with Airbnb, you should contact Customer Service.

After solving your problem or getting an answer to your complaint, do not forget to leave your comment hear and help us tor inform other reader about Airbnb Customer Service.

Airbnb Australia Phone Number

+61 2 8520 3333

You may also get Airbnb Support, if you are having trouble getting the Airbnb App installed, or if you need to get a Airbnb update for your smartphone.

Most issues can be solved and answered by visiting the Airbnb Australia Page, but for example if you are not able to access your Airbnb Account, or need to make a Airbnb reservation, do not doubt in calling Airbnb Customer Service.

Are you the owner of a property, and you would like to rent it with Airbnb, you can also call the above listed Phone Number, or contact Airbnb by mail, to get information about the requirements.

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21 Thoughts to “Airbnb Australia”

  1. 0438620271

    I have called and complained but no one has got back to me, I can be contacted on my phone number. Is the below air BnB customer legit???

    1. Jan

      After listing as a new host the process has been hopeless. System wouldn’t take my payment details and got dates wrong. Tried to book host in L.A and again system got dates wrong and wouldn’t change them. I am using an Ipad as it is what I travel with, this is not a good recommendation and very unprofessional.
      Airbnb should NOT be advertising on T.V when basic systems DO NOT WORK!!

  2. brendan

    Your number does work and you dont answer emails – How can you claim 24/7 help to a host.Please give me a contact pohone number
    brendan Neville

  3. Rebeca

    Fraud Victim through Airbnb making a Police Report:
    I’ve found an apartment online through Airbnb and started the procedure to rent the advertised property, to then find out that I became a victim of fraud through the payment to reserve the property.
    Immediately as soon as I had finished the payment and went to check the property online again the property advertising was gone.
    I’ve tried to contact Airbnb without much success but I’ll keep on trying.
    I have exchanged a few emails with the alleged property host and received the invoice through Airbnb but after making payment never heard back from them to get the keys to the apartment and Airbnb is not replying to me.
    Today I am at the Police Station making a fraud report.

  4. Disgruntled Host

    This site is EXPERT at taking money and EXPERT at offering absolutely bare-bones, hard to get minimal customer service. I have been trying for days to find out where my missing payout went (almost $1000)

    They are totally unhelpful and have let me down – just off another 45 minute phone call for nothing… with no resolution

    Pathetic service considering how much money they make.

  5. Gregory Webber

    I have booked three homes so far and trying to book a fourth in Salisbury. You are asking me for verification of drivers licence which I have photographed but you are not accepting it. I have tried my passport but your site says to photograph the front. The front says absolutely nothing but the cover. How do you expect to verify a front cover of a passport. You have taken the money from my account so please explain what is going on.
    Greg Webber.

  6. Airbnb have a ‘help’ section but although I have sent the same query numerous times in the last week they have not responded. I am a host and due this I will most likely lose this one month booking! I have pre approved and communicated with the guest but this booking enquiry remains ‘pending’. Not happy with Airbnb.

  7. Where are you Air BnB Support?

    Air BnB clearly don’t want to be contacted directly. Very quick to advise that our property will be de-listed due to not accepting or declining an enquiry within 24 hours, even though we did respond immediately via the message inbox. Almost impossible to find a way to let Air BnB know that when we have large bookings, they can’t always respond within 24 hours. The system is too automated – we’re not robots.

  8. Louise Marsden

    I made a booking yesterday for December 2016. I was charged the full amount immediately. I telephoned the host and was told the property was not available for those dates, so I cancelled. I was charged $918 Service Fess. I received no service , in fact, I had to service myself , I phoned host and got the information myself. I have messaged airbnb several times and I have received no reply. I would like a full refund please.

  9. Clyde Martin

    Hi Air BnB

  10. Be careful we got a dump at Emu Park great bathroom spar nothing else to recommendation only watch tv from bed veranda was sitting area be careful we have lost most of 2 weeks money

  11. Dking

    I am an Australian member in the UK and have tried to contact air bnb via the contact page – no response. They have a weird UK phone number which I can’t call using my UK sim?? How do you get to speak to someone in this organisation??

  12. We have been trying to contact airbnb to recoup costs associated with damage at our rental property booked through airbnb but have not recieved any feedback from an email and the phone number for Australia has a recorded answer saying that someone will be there soon but doesn’t . Very disappointed .We will reconsider our association with them .

  13. diane berwick

    I have a booking which was cancelled & it is still left closed . i have been attempting to have this issue resolved . Please respond . Kind Regards Diane Berwick

  14. Susan

    I have been waiting on the phone to contact your office regarding a payment that hasn’t been deposited, for nearly THIRTY minutes! NOT good enough airbnb….

  15. Stephen & Dianna King

    We have been trying to contact our confirmed booking KZ9SKN host.
    I have tried all the ways possible: email, phone number (disconnected) and airbnb message – no response.

    I have reported this host as I know that the apartment is being used for longterm lease and is no longer suitable for airbnb guests.

    I have tried to contact airbnb by phone – on hold for 20min+ at the moment.

    We would like this reservation to be cancelled and our money to be refunded.

    Very frustrating …

  16. Harshi

    I never confirmed the booking but i am being charged..
    trying to contact airbnb but they dont answer.

  17. Hi AirBnB,
    Please help! For more than 10 days now I have been locked out of my account. I followed instructions and sent an email which was also followed to date by about 5-6 phone calls. I have never been given any reason for the account lock up, however, every time I speak to an operator I am told that my request is URGENT or PRIORITY.
    It has been now more than 10 days:
    -I am receiving the guests booked, but don’t know if I am getting paid!
    – I can not complete a review for my previous guests. They left me a card before they left and we parted in very good terms. You can just imagine their consternation when they are not receiving a review from me!
    – I am missing out on the trade. Nobody can probably see my profile. If so, I can not review or accept any bookings.
    – if my current bookings contact me, I can not see their messages in order to reply.

    I am so appalled by the complete silence and lack of interest displayed by Airbnb staff. I can not understand why nobody is contacting me after I have been calling nearly every day and being promised that I will be called back!!!!
    I am considering to make a formal complaint to the Victorian Government ‘S Ombutsman, as I did not come across such no care attitude. It will terribly damage your reputation and that’s the last thing I wish to do. I have been promoting your company and been happy with shared economy concept, however it looks like when it gets to customer service for their own support such as hosts, this does not exist!

    Please return my calls and unlock my account!
    Raluca Racoti

  18. Wayne

    Very poor customer service. Took the money from my credit card but then would not allow me to proceed with the booking process. Kept asking for verification of drivers licence which I submitted twice only to find there was a server error and I should try again later. Have received two emails from them one cancelling my booking(which I had not completed) and one telling me they had made a full refund but it may take 5 days for my financial institution to process it. Crap crap and more crap. Get your act together or don’t promote yourself as the best thing since sliced bread. WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING YOU TO ANYBODY. Pity the poor hosts who offer their properties through your crappy system.

  19. O450423737

    Also having problem with Airbnb. I am a host.
    I am only getting more and more complsints from my guests about the poor service

  20. Robyn

    Hi i have 2 issues
    1) i got to to paying stage, i put in my credit card details which would not process. So i tried my MasterCard again it wouldn’t process. Now i feel very vulnerable as both cards were good to go. I cant find the accommodation again. So far by accounts have not been hacked,but the might be.

    2) I had a lovely Airbnb experience in Queensland, but Airbnb tells me that I have no trips to review. Sue hasn’t been able to resolve it as a host.

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